Unhealthy Sedentary Lifestyle

Unhealthy Sedentary LifestyleWhat defines a Sedentary Lifestyle?

A sedentary lifestyle will lead you to disease. What connects back pain with varicose veins? The answer may surprise you. It is a long seat at the table or in front of the TV. But the list of diseases and ailments that have a connection with the long seat does not end there. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, hours of work on the table contribute to the development, in particular, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

A sedentary lifestyle will sooner or later lead to serious diseases. Tens of minutes by bus or car, then many hours on the table and computer, and finally relax … in front of TV. Convenience, laziness, lack of time-no matter what makes us lead such a little active lifestyle, the consequences are the same: health problems. Our body is not able to consume the calories supplied to it and convert them into fat tissue. This, and gradually destroys the cardiovascular system, increases the risk of developing some types of cancer, overloading the joints and ligaments. Lack of movement also prevents the course of many processes in the body, in particular carbohydrate metabolism, fat burning, calcium absorption.

As a result, so, theoretically, an innocent propensity to spend time in a chair leads to really serious diseases – let’s look at the most common. We should also understand that while the losses caused in the body due to lack of movement are not large, they can usually be corrected by simply increasing physical activity. But if they have already been immortalized, the transition to a more active lifestyle is only one element of a broader therapy.

Sedentary Lifestyle Affects the Head

Headaches, shallow breathing

Burn and lean forward while working at the computer is also the cause of headaches, in particular because in this position we often compress the jaw and tense the muscles of the face. Headaches are also promoted by hypoxia as a result of breathing problems. This is because during a long napinamy sitting the abdominal muscles, both inhale and exhale become incomplete.

Sedentary Lifestyle Affects the Head

How to help?

Sit in a chair at work, straighten your back and set the monitor so that its center is on the line of your vision. Often ventilate the room and take breaks for breathing exercises: exhale air through the mouth, simultaneously pulling the stomach, inhale air through the nose, pushing the stomach. So you start the diaphragm, which promotes breathing.

Sedentary Lifestyle Affects Abdomen Muscle

Sedentary and constipated

Lack of movement weakens the abdominal muscles. This contributes to the slowing of bowel movements and the development of “lazy bowel syndrome” – gradually cease to function mechanisms that affect the reflex of defecation. Chronic constipation has a negative impact on the body – long-term occurrence of nutrient residues in the intestine contributes to the formation of toxic substances that adversely affect the condition of the intestine itself, causing irritation and inflammation, as well as deterioration of General health (weakness, headache).

Sedentary Lifestyle Affects Abdomen Muscle

How to help?

A specified workout that strengthens the abdominal muscles and stimulates the digestive system. The best is this form of exercise, which is performed in an upright position (walking, running, swimming), because it improves the functioning of the intestine compressed in the abdomen most of the day because of a sedentary lifestyle.          However, first of all, the correction of the diet is necessary. It needs to be enriched in products containing a lot of fiber (dark bread, raw vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, cereals), which facilitates the movement of food in the intestine, and also accelerates the excretion of nutrients from the body. However, the amount of fiber foods should be increased gradually – changing the diet too quickly can cause abdominal pain and bloating. It is also necessary to introduce yogurt and kefir for the daily menu, because they contain lactic acid bacteria that zasiedlając large intestine, stimulate their work and inhibit the development of harmful bacteria putrefactive. In the fight against constipation is also very important to drink about 2 liters of drinks during the day (note – cocoa and black tea are sealed).

Scientists believe that the best indicator of biological age in adults is physical performance is measured by the maximum absorption of oxygen (the so-called oxygen ceiling). It grows about 20. years of life, for several years remains at the same level, and then gradually decreases. And so, for example, the effectiveness of the average age of fifty is about 80%. the ceiling of oxygen reached in the twenties of life, and at the age of 60 years meets only 60-65 percent, However, studies have shown that people who actively train (mainly running long distances) decrease the ceiling of oxygen is almost twice slower than those leading a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, scientists believe that through regular physical training, you can get a change in the relationship between the age of calendar and biological, and this is about 10-20 years!


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