8 things men are afraid to ask in bed

Sex is different in each couple, but men agree on certain things that they would like to ask but don’t dare to do. You want to know what men are afraid to ask in bed? Read what’s next!

8 things men are afraid to ask in bed

# 1 that you shout

Many of us have the habit of moaning or sighing when we have sex. One of the things they love is hearing us scream… although I don’t think they’d dare ask us.

# 2 take the lead

They don’t always want to be the ones to take the initiative, many times they would like us to make the decision to have sex, Why not? If we really both enjoy sex, don’t we?

# 3 to do a strip tease

Many women have no problem doing this for their partners and enjoy the fact that they are sensuously naked in front of their man, yet others are a little more recklessly and not even crazy would dare to do this even though their partners would love it!

# 3 to do a strip tease

#4 anal Sex

This is a request that can be somewhat complicated to make for any man to his wife in bed. Obviously we all enjoy having sex in a conventional way, but we don’t all like anal sex and they know this.

# 5 watch a porn movie together

Many couples do, but in others, sex is more traditional. Most men have ever watched these kind of movies in their lives, but many of them would find it very difficult to ask their partners to join them in watching them.

#6 Film both having sex

For a man to see himself in a movie having sex with his partner can be very exciting, although of course not everyone can think of asking his women for this secret fantasy.

#6 Film both having sex

#7 masturbation

All men love to see their girl masturbate, because they are awakened by a wild desire to make love. If you’re up to it, try it and you’ll see he’ll love it and ask him if he ever thought to ask you, you’ll be surprised.

# 8 having a threesome with another man or another woman

This is a matter of taste, many men fantasize about having sex with two women at the same time or that their wife enjoys two men at a time… only very few are encouraged to make that suggestion.


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