Sometimes several supplements at the same time, strengthening the immune system, the second heart, improve memory, liver function. We buy them often, often unnecessarily. Let’s see what you need to know if you choose dietary supplements.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends using them with a low calorie diet and exercises that are really because of weight loss. There are no side effects in the Supplement market. How many učinkovitost efficiency of the means for potency. If sexual intercourse is reduced, then on the principle of placebo either, which is why they contain substances that are part of the drugs.

Food supplements are necessary, however, we need to know that they use them wisely. By definition, ” a product in the food industry that is intended to replace normal food that is a concentrated source of vitamins or minerals or other materials that have shown nutritional or other physiological effects. The latter composition allows you to take active substances that are not part of the food (for example, Valerian extract or Ginkgo), as well as consumers of the medicinal properties of the drug.
At the same time, the task of the Supplement is to compensate for the deficiency of nutrients associated with unhealthy diet to maintain their health. If the deficiency caused the disease, it is necessary to have a medicine, not a dietary Supplement. Both may be the same active substance, but the drug contains this number, which is a therapeutic effect that is confirmed in clinical trials.Popular means weight loss doesn’t work.

It is believed that dietary Supplements need to buy. 30%. guys. They often do not choose women, as well as people with higher and secondary education, residents of large cities, and this means medicalkenya.co.ke to let people know that little about health is nothing to worry about. And advertising tells us how to do it-you need to take dietary Supplements.
Why do we buy supplements without thinking if we need them, or if you need a nutrient for everyone, and if so, who shares? The last question we cannot answer. In fact, twice I am sure that these drugs, which are often offered ad, relieve various ailments. But no, I have no medicine.