Are your legs numb, your hips hurt?

Are your legs numb, your hips hurt?These are symptoms of peripheral vascular disease. Dr. Ilona Stanchik, cardiologist of the cardiology center, anesthesiologist, intensive therapist says that too much can be done with lifestyle changes in all these medical treatments. What’S a bench? Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) refers to narrowing of the peripheral blood vessels, i.e. those at a distance from the heart. The disease may occur in the stomach, arms and head, but it most often affects the arteries in the leg. Therefore, the most common symptom is pain in the legs, fatigue, or numbness, which may extend to the hips during walking or climbing stairs. This pain typically subsides during rest and then reappears when walking. If diagnosis is confirmed, strict treatment of risk factors and medication together can result in a high improvement even in a moderate narrowing of blood vessels, says Ilona Stanchik, cardiologist at the cardiothoracic center.

Medicinal products for vasodilators and anticoagulants alone are not enough

However, medicinal products for vasodilators and anticoagulants alone are not enough, the following lifestyle changes are necessary to stop the process.Physical activity is one of the most effective treatments in the bench. This can be suggested by the doctor in the framework of so-called Cardiology rehabilitation, or we can also go to a therapist for guidance. The supervised mobility programme is usually a gradually structured system, which includes walking, exercise and leg muscle exercises, primarily to treat symptomatic intermittent limping. If no expert guidance is possible, the walk must be built into everyday life, more and more quickly, over longer distances – stopping and changing the pace as needed Diet Because many bench patients have high cholesterol levels, this should be done primarily by reducing the intake of saturated and trans fatty acids. It is therefore worth avoiding such foods as fatty meat, meat parts, fatty salami, salons and sausages, cheeses, cream, butter and biscuits made with it, leafy pasta. Trans-fatty acids can be found, among other things, in frozen bakeries, pizzas, pastries, fast-food foods, chips.Diabetes managementMedicinal products for vasodilators and anticoagulants alone are not enough

Diabetes has a significant long-term effect on the condition of the blood vessels

So neglecting it increases the chance of consequences. In addition to medical treatment, diabetes treatment is crucial, which includes, Of course, nutrition and, if necessary, stress management, in addition to physical activity. Together, the severity of diabetes that has already been developed can be reduced and prevented. It is worth seeking the opinion of a diabetologist on how to personalize your workout, on which a motion therapist can later base a full workout plan. If a diabetic has never moved before, a preventive complete health check may be important. If you are concerned about your safety, or if you are afraid of ‘hypo’, a sudden fall in blood sugar, you may be reassured by joining a ‘insulin sensitivity’ group session led by a specially trained professional motion therapist. Only complex treatment can be really effectiveMedicinal products for vasodilators and anticoagulants alone are not enough

It’s almost impossible to cure a vascular patient, if he smokes, if he’s not on sugar, his cholesterol, his blood pressure, his diet, if he’s not moving. For these purposes, of course blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medication can be ordered, which can improve the condition – explains Dr. Ilona Stanchik, cardiologist of the Cardiology Centre, anesthesiologist, intensive therapist. – However, medicines must be accompanied by a decision of their own to ensure effective therapy. If the patient changes his / her lifestyle and the doctor regularly checks his / her condition, corrects his / her treatment plan if necessary, deterioration can be stopped, serious complications can be avoided. Cardiac centre



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