Detoxify the liver and burn fat with detox drinks

According to traditional Chinese Medicine in Kenya, the liver, the main detoxification organ, works optimally between 1 and 3 am. To favor this function there are several teas and evening drinks that you can take before bedtime to help this important body function, plus, they are excellent for burning fat.

Detoxify the liver and burn fat with detox drinks

Detoxification of the liver

As we tell you, detox is best produced while we are asleep because at that moment the body reconstructs and regenerates its tissues.

To ensure that conditions are present for effective detoxification to occur, a couple of important things must be taken into account, such as:

Be deeply asleep long before 1 am, which is when the liver starts working.

Have enough blood and body fluids for the detoxification process, so that the body does not overload with harmful substances that tend to be released by detoxifying us.

Proper detoxification helps maintain healthy metabolism, with a lower burden of toxins, and also helps burn faster fat for those who need to control their weight.

Night drinks for liver detox

We brought you a variety of evening teas and drinks which, according to several studies, proved to be excellent for better performance of liver function, as long as you take them at night before going to sleep.:

Night drinks for liver detox

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is one of the best evening infusions because in addition to detoxifying it is relaxing which makes it easy to fall asleep to ensure excellent liver function.

It is a bit bitter because of its content that help the liver prepare its detoxification pathways. In addition, this herb has anti-inflammatory effects that further assist the body in the treatment of intermediate detoxification compounds that can cause higher levels of inflammation in the body.

Lemon water

Hot lemon tea is one of the night drinks that are also recommended to drink throughout the day. It can be prepared in 2 ways, wash the lemon well, cut it into quarters and put it in a kettle with water to its boil, let it infuse for a few minutes then take it warm and without sugar.

The other way is to make lemonade, wash the lemon well cut it into slices, put it in a jar with water, you can drink it all day well fresh and if you like it you can add some fresh mint leaves or some slices of ginger.

At night, lemon water helps purge toxins from the blood. Take into account that the lemon water works best when it is hot


It is a Chinese herb that helps nourish liver blood and is widely used for detoxification and fat burning.

The Lote tree, also helps calm the mind, is perfect to help relax our stressed brain so that we can fall into a good quality sleep, necessary for the proper functioning of the liver.

This herb also strengthens the spleen-pancreas which in Chinese medicine may be affected by an overloaded liver that leads to poor digestion of food.


Lotus seeds

This is another herb that is beneficial for ingesting at night, the Chinese name is Lian Zi. This herb is useful when the stress, anxiety and overwhelming thoughts of the day that haunt us until the night.

It helps calm the mind and can relieve if you have heart palpitations. To enhance its calming effect, you can add lavender tea that helps further calm anxiety and nerves.

Pink tea

The Rose is wonderful because it is very related to our heart meridian connected to our emotions. That is why it is believed that the Rose remains the symbol of love through time.

It is very useful to ensure the proper flow of energy from the liver, avoiding depressive states, which cause, among other things, a lot of insomnia that does not help liver function.

The tea rose also helps blood circulation around the body for its astringent properties and its high content of tannins, which helps to remove toxins, ensuring a good flow through the organs of detoxification.


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