Drinks for perfect skin: these are the!

Drinks for perfect skin: these are the!When you want to have a perfect skin (as well as hair), it’s not just about creams and creams that we apply on your face: a lot depends also on food ingested. In addition to eating healthy, you can help your epidermis with drinks that will help you have smooth and bright skin. Of course water is the fundamental basis from which to start: being dehydrated not only hurts your health, but also affects the beauty side.

No matter how many products that claim to do miracles will you apply, if you don’t drink enough water your skin will never reach its highest potential because the kidneys will not function at full capacity, compromising the condition of your body.

To help you drink more water and therefore have perfect skin, here are the drinks you can try.

  1. Antioxidant


Raspberries have antioxidant properties

A fruit mix that delivers an immediate vitamin recharge, ideal to maintain the brightness of the face. Take this drink in the morning to say goodbye to the swelling. To prepare it, just take a handful of raspberries and three tablespoons of pomegranate seeds. Put them in a bottle full of water, mix and drink.

  1. Detox

Cucumbers are allies of the skin

In Los Angeles they can’t help themselves, so much so that this detoxifying drink is also served in bars. Cut two lemons and squeeze the juice into a glass. Slice a cucumber and put it together with the lemons. Take some mint leaves and strizzatele in the palm, so as to intensify the flavor and add them to the mix. Pour a liter of natural water and put in the fridge for two hours to create the infusion.

  1. Rejuvenate

A mixture of strawberries, lemon and basil will give endless benefits to your skin, with the result of making it look younger by removing toxins. Cut five strawberries into small pieces, take a slice of lemon and a handful of basil leaves and put them in a bottle or in a large glass. Add water and leave as an infusion for 20 minutes before drinking.

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Coconut provides immediate hydration

If you do not want to give up putting something on your skin, this drink works very well both as Infusion and tonic. A refreshing touch that will moisturize the skin immediately and give you the right vitamins to shine. Cut into very thin slices a cucumber and put it in a bottle where you will have poured coconut water. Mix and leave in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

  1. Green tea

Green tea is also a skin-friendly drink

For the lazy who do not have time or desire to buy fresh fruit and wait for infusion Times, green tea is ready to help. This drink has antioxidant properties, which protect the skin from UV rays and thus reduce the chances of sunburn. Like other antioxidants, it dampens redness and inflammation.Drinks for perfect skin: these are the!

Few simple rules to follow daily to have a perfect skin.

Having the perfect skin is what all women dream about and with a little attention everyone can achieve this goal. It is not necessary to resort to special aesthetic care the important thing is to follow small and simple rules on a daily basis. Here are the ones:

Following a healthy diet-large quantities of fruits and vegetables help hydrate the body. It favours the consumption of Whole carbohydrates, white meat and fish.

Drink plenty of water – at least 2 liters per day

Avoid smoking-for some to avoid smoking may be impossible, but if you can at least reduce the amount. Smoking is the main cause of wrinkles and off-color.

You do sport – it is advisable to do physical activity 2/3 times a week, sports and sweating can help eliminate toxins from the body and consequently the skin becomes more soft and supple.

Few simple rules to follow daily to have a perfect skin.Clean the skin – it is very important to thoroughly clean the skin of both the face and the body. In the first case, use morning and evening with detergents or cleansing specific and past of the toner before applying the moisturizer; this procedure must be repeated even if on the day you are not fixing. Excellent solutions diy, as the tonic water of roses, or rosemary, or the scrubs to make at home such as the one tonic for the body to sugar or coffee.

Hydrate the skin – very important for a perfect skin is hydration, both for the body and for the face.

Apply every day a cream suitable for your needs.

Beware of the sun – always remember to apply protection every time you expose yourself to the sun, even just for a walk. UV rays are very harmful to the skin and can create many damage and especially anti-aesthetic spots.Apply every day a cream suitable for your needs.

Do not exaggerate with the makeup-using too much make up does not breathe the skin. Avoid applying foundation, powder and primer every day. Use BB Cream or just a powder to go to work or to school. And don’t forget to skin yourself at the end of the day!

Use green tea To tone and make light skin, prepare the drink and, once lukewarm, mix it with a glass of water. Apply it to your face after normal cleansing.

Doing scrubs-they are very useful to eliminate dead cells in the body and face. You can use the ones on the market or make them at home. Your skin will be soft and velvety!



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