Dry skin on the face: where do they come from and how to get rid of them?

Dry skin on the face: where do they come from and how to get rid of them?Dry facial skin is an aesthetic problem, but it can also be a symptom of skin disease. Protruding skins that can not be covered with makeup, as well as flaky skin pieces should be a signal to change the diet and care habits. However, in serious cases, a visit to a specialist doctor may be helpful. Find out how to deal with dry skins in a home way.

Dry facial skins may be a symptom of the disease. Sometimes they look like peeling skin and stick out from the face, other times they will be dry “pancakes” with a red color or scabs visible only under the light. The keep a beautiful complexion  cases that this symptom may provide are: psoriasis , eczema and atopic dermatitis . If scabs occur along with persistent itching, they can simply be a sign of allergy to cosmetics or materials.

Fortunately, you do not have to panic right away. In many people, dry facial skins testify to the dehydration of the body, too low amounts of unsaturated fats in the diet, overdrying caused by weather or air conditioning. Only when simple methods do not work, it is worth going to a dermatologist. To determine the cause of the appearance of these skin changes, first answer a few questions:

  • do you drink enough water?
  • Do you eat nuts and products rich in vegetable fats?
  • Are you moisturizing your skin properly?
  • Do not you dry your skin with aggressive cosmetics?
  • Do you properly protect your face against external factors (sun, wind, frost)?

If you answer negatively to most of the questions, it may indicate the need to change certain habits: diet, skin care methods.

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Emotion for the face Ziaja day / night, urea 3%. It actively regenerates the skin’s protective barrier. How it works?

Long-lasting and deeply moisturizes and protects against moisture loss.

It replenishes skin lipids, strengthens the effect of cohesiveness and firmness of the epidermis.

  • Softens, reduces roughness and excessive flaking.
  • It works like a compress for all symptoms of dry skin.

How to deal with dry skins?

The choice of an effective weapon depends on which of the factors you consider the cause of the problem. Here are some universal tips. It’s worth applying to everyone to get rid of dry skin from the face in a short time.

Do not wash the skin with soap for the time of treatment of dry skin. The substances contained in it will additionally exacerbate the problem, and you will fight it for longer.

Opt out of all cosmetics containing SLS . It can be a soap, a facial gel, a shampoo that flows to the face when washing. SLS similarly to soap dries the skin, so leave the cosmetic on the shelf.How to deal with dry skins?

  • Chlorine in water is an irritant. Take a break from the pool and instead of splashing the face with tap water, reach for the delicate micellar liquid .
  • Do not use cosmetics that have alcohol in their composition. In addition to the drying effect, they can cause scars on innocent dry skins.
  • Take a break from matting foundation and powder in places where dry crusts have appeared. Also watch out for other dusty cosmetics, eg loose eye shadows .

Watch out for products with acids. Their beneficial effects on the skin is undeniable, but they should not be used on irritated places.

Before beginning the treatment, make a gentle face scrub to peel off the skin. You can repeat it after a few days.

After each face cleanse, use a hydrating tonic or hydrolate .

After toning, reach for a strong moisturizing cream. If your skin tends to get greasy, you have to choose something non-self-meditating. Ingredients that should be included in the cream: shea butter , olive oil, petrolatum , argan oil , betulin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid , vitamin A + E, urea , beeswax , jojoba oil , rose oil. You can also apply them directly to your face in pure form.

  • Moisturize dry spots every time the cream or oil is already infiltrated. When you can afford it, carry it with you in your purse and apply a clean cotton ball to the skins.
  • If the skins are not stinging, you can try lemon therapy. Cotton swab soaked in juice squeezed out of fresh lemon apply to the face like a compress.
  • Choose cosmetics with a simple composition. The most important thing at the moment is exfoliation and strong hydration.

Dry skins cure dietDry skins cure diet

Water and linseed oil – these two ingredients are enough to fight the dry places on your face.

Drink approx. 2 liters of water a day (1 liter should be per 1000 calories consumed).

Drink two tablespoons of linseed oil twice a day with your meal.

Limit your alcohol consumption.

Already after a week of daily adherence to these councils, you will notice improvement. People who pay more attention to their diet can also reach for other proven products. Walnuts , avocado , fatty fish , olive oil , linseed and rapeseed oil – these products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, so they improve the condition of the whole skin from the inside.



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