Enlargement of the Heart – How to Prevent It

Enlargement of the Heart – How to Prevent ItA Balanced Nutritional Diet

Recommended food is a nutritionally balanced, high in fiber, not too high in fat. Of course this does not mean we must only eat fruit and vegetable every day. Still a lot of healthy food choices. “No food is bad, that there is a pattern of eating poorly,” so says the nutritionist. Fatty foods may be consumed origin is not too much. In addition, consumption of omega-3 (these substances are many found in the meat of marine fish) are also proven to reduce the levels of LDL-the bad cholesterol. So we can obtain the benefits of omega-3 optimally, we are encouraged to consume sea fish two to three times in a week.

Keeping the Ideal Weight

Excess weight caused by a diet that is not healthy. Not only eat high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods can cause obesity. Those who are at risk for a heart attack are strongly advised to calculate the amount of calories daily so that weight can be maintained with good. The feel of his body too fat strongly advised to reduce the weight as close as possible to the ideal weight. Conditions fat, especially for young people, not just less being seen but also less healthy.

Manage Stress

For people who already have risk factors of CHD, stress is very likely to cause a heart attack. That’s why a lot of people rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack while being dogged by many problems. Stress is a very important factor and often overlooked. The demands of life that make us stress sometimes can’t be avoided. But, “Stress is inevitable, suffering is optional,” so said the experts of the soul. The pressures of life may be unavoidable, but suffering or not it’s entirely up to us.

Have a Healthy Routine

Quit Smoking

Stopping this habit is very difficult, especially for those who already get used for years, especially if in a day suck trunked-rod. The most effective way to stop smoking is to enlist the support of the people closest to that family. If necessary, consult a doctor to choose the method that is powerful. For some young people, smoking is often perceived as a lifestyle that is cool.

Have a Healthy Routine

This ancient view. Creative, work, and achievement in our field is a form of lifestyle that is much more cool and modern. When we tend to be a lot of sitting while working, means we are included in the group of people at risk of CHD. Sitting all day means not a lot of burn calories. Excess calories this will be the source of the fatness and high fat.

That’s why the people who day-to-day much less physical activities is highly recommended to more improve the physical exercise. In addition can reduce the amount of fat in the body, you exercise at least 30 minutes each day is able to make blood flow smoothly so that the risk of heart disease went down. Many sports options are exciting for young people. Cycling is an example.

Do the Medical Check-Up

If You already have risk factors that have been mentioned above, though at this time still healthy, You are strongly advised to visit a doctor immediately. If necessary, do the medical check-up in the laboratory. Prevention should be done as early as possible before it’s too late. Don’t need to wait for the old. A heart attack can happen to anyone, including those who are under 40 years old.

Maintain Heart Health with Healthy Lifestyle

For most people, heart health is a very important thing. They do anything to keep the heart remain healthy, even change the pattern of life and their diet drastically. A healthy body will be able to do a lot of activities, like; work, study, socialize with others, and many other things. Of course we don’t want something bad or a disease attacking our body.

Maintain Heart Health with Healthy Lifestyle

And one of the organs that are most vital and very important to maintain health is the heart. The human body consists of various organs that work in synergy with one another. Disturbances in one organ of the body will result in other organs of the body are not able to work optimally.

Train your Heart and Lifestyle

And the heart is one organ that is very vital and be the engine of life in the human body because it serves as a pump to distribute blood to the entire body. When the health of the heart is interrupted of course he will not be able to work normally, and of course will interfere with the other organs of the body because blood flow in the body is disturbed.

Health disorders on the heart can happen to anyone, people old and young, skinny and fat, all have the risk of heart disease. But indeed, obese people are more at risk of having a heart attack compared with people who are ideal or skinny. In addition, heart disease can also occur due to hereditary factors. If parents have a history of heart disease then their offspring tends to be having the same problem.


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