Erection problems: some useful methods

Erection problems: some useful methodsErection problems are now on the agenda, but not just those. The number of men and women who have difficulty in the sexual sphere are on the increase. The causes are so many that it is almost impossible to list them and the methods, often, recommended to dust them again do not have the slightest scientific value. Plus, some people tend to bomb themselves with drugs without even knowing what it’s for. It is enough that once it fails to generate in the mind paranoia, anxieties and fears that in turn devastate even more a mechanism that, basically, is perfect.

Erection problems: some useful methods. In this article I do not want to give the definitive solution, that serves a qualified doctor (usually a urologist), but put in place a series of changes in lifestyle may also solve erection problems. It is estimated that about 90% of these derive from psychological factors, anxieties, fears and paranoia in most cases (if not always), invented by our brain to sabotage us. We live in a society where performance and results matter more than anything else. Suffice it to say that we have been catalogued and evaluated since elementary school.

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Sex-secrets to drive her crazy with pleasureThis leads us, even in the sexual sphere, to compare ourselves to others that in the vast majority of cases, they tell their truth about the alleged intercourses of 2 hours that have made me successful at least 14 times. Not to mention the pornography that shows us the business unreal, which are not the norm, and that are framed by the right angles, and women who enjoy like rabbits to the point white! If you want to improve your ability to have sex I recommend you read the eBook sex. Secrets to drive her crazy with pleasure.

Erection problems: physical activity. If you have erection problems, you should start doing a lot of exercise. The gym helps revive testosterone production. Because doing anaerobic activity and weights consumes testosterone and forces the body to always produce a little more. And then you also have to do a lot of aerobic activity (e.g. running), increasing resistance and improving vascularization. Simply said, you pump faster the blood into the body, and the erection is based on that.

Erection problems: power supply. Our body is a perfect machine that we all too often do not know properly. If you are overweight your body will decrease the production of testosterone (male hormone par excellence). On the contrary, as the fat mass decreases, it will increase. Consequently, just decrease the amount of fat in the body to increase the production of testosterone and, consequently, increasing the quality and duration of your erections!

Erection problems: 

Erection problemsIf you have erection problems, and you intend to do anything to overcome them, I personally advise you to eliminate all the harmful vices you might have. Between a good sex life and a beer, for example, I’m for the first! So even though these vices in general, if they’re being controlled, they may not give you any trouble, if you’re here because you really have sexual issues, then I would avoid them 100%. So no smoking, alcohol and less than ever drugs (from cannabis to steroids to whatever else you can think of). Some might argue that some substances, in minimal doses could also help (such as red wine). The reality is that your body, if you have erection problems, is in difficulty and needs to be tidied up and cleaned of all the slag accumulated over the years.

If after following these simple tips you still have erection problems or no improvement then you should contact your family doctor immediately. As mentioned, erection problems are often due to traumas or fears, rarely to physical conditions, but a difficult erection may also depend on some current pathology and it is advisable not to take risks.



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