Impotence, better said and more precisely erective deficit, is a male (and therefore also female) problem of increasing proportions. A recent study estimates that in 2025 cases could affect 322 million men worldwide. In this ill-common hypothesis it is certainly not half-happy. If the mechanism is jammed repeatedly, it is not the case, however, to give yourself performance anxiety, otherwise you can enter a spiral of insecurity from which it is difficult to get out and which can compromise self-esteem..


Instead…“We’d better get over it because in the world (in the west) the Viagra has been enrolled among the hundred discoveries of the TWENTIETH century,” wrote George Rifelli, sex therapist for many years in charge of the Sexology Department of Psychology, University of Bologna. “If it is only recently that the medications known to other therapies have been objects of study and therefore of use in the field of sessuologico, it is because in terms of the market is increased demand, in terms of clinical trials have increased the suffering, and in sociological terms ‘homo faber’ is in deep crisis”. In short, gone are the times of the elixir of love, oysters, and chili, now science gives security to those who are not always able to fulfill their sexual desires: if not him, it you (the pill)”.

Deficit erettivo:

if the problem is “HE”According to a survey that the Italian Society of Andrology (SIA) has done at the urologists Italian, more than 30% of the men who come to these specialists suffer from discomfort in sex. Which ones? In 52% of cases the poor erectile response to extracoital sexual stimuli (i.e. outside penetration). Symptoms related in most cases to the emotional-psychological sphere of sexual experience. In 40% of the cases examined the absence of spontaneous erectile activity. In 38% of the cases the prolongation of the refractory period (the duration of the interval that elapses physiologically between relationships).

The men have welcomed with enthusiasm the arrival of pharmacological solutions capable of solving problems related to erection difficulties: it is medicinal that differ in the duration and speed of effect, and mode of intake. Many, however, are perplexed. How to choose? Is the doctor who must determine which molecule is more suitable for the habits of relational and sexual of each one, starting from the fact that must first be cured any organic causes. ” Erectile dysfunction, consists in the inability or difficulty of starting, continuing or completing a penetrating sexual relationship, ” explains Maurizio Bossi, an andrologist expert in sexology.

Deficit erettivo

“Alteration of vascular mechanisms, the conduction of the nervous, metabolic, hormonal causes in the inability of the corpora cavernosa of the penis to be turgid, or their early emptying for the non-tightness of the apparatus, the tube of the male organ. In any case, the more medicine studies the functionality of the penis, the more you realize that the sexual organ par excellence of man (and woman) continues to be the brain. He’s in charge.” And emotion is the main cause of a not satisfactory erective response. In fact, the problems associated with psychological impotence are on the increase.

“Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological and emotional cause,”

explains Tiziano Tagliavini, psychosexuologist. “And it can also affect young men in good psycho-physical condition. It can then be solved with sexual counseling or psychotherapy.Erective Deficit: if the problem is ” he”

impotence are on the increase. "Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological and emotional cause,"

In the event you take specific medications for disorders of the erection, it should be stressed that they do not act on the desire (lack of libido may be resolved with another type of therapy) and even serve to create the superman of sex’, but, thanks to their immediate effect, they can have a useful ‘starter’”. In short, sex is good for sex and the fact that many around the World resort to a specific medical solution in large numbers means that the sensitivity to control of their own body has increased. ”For half of northern Italy’s 40-50 – year – old males to carry a pill in their pockets to solve erection problems, it gives security and reduces the onset of the problem-says Chiara Simonelli, psychologist at the University La Sapienza in Rome-a little like the blanket of Linus”. Remember that the success of any type of therapy, pharmacological, psychological, sexology contributes in a fundamental way the attitude of the partners (in the case of the subject that is devoted to the specialist to resolve the uncomfortable sexual both couple). Dealing with sexual discomfort in pairs is an expression of a true relationship.



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