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The first training is a special moment. Its execution for a person, completely “green” in the subject of silhouette sports, can be a difficult task, especially since the effects are usually expected to be fast. So, how do I get started with the gym? How to start training?

For strength training it is necessary to prepare psychologically. The beginning, as always, is not the easiest. The most difficult thing will be to pass the first 2-4 weeks. It is at this time that most people lose enthusiasm.

You also have to be set up for slow visuals and great workout pains, which, along with subsequent regular workouts, will be less and less. The effects, however, will have to wait a bit, but should compensate for the damage of the main big muscle strength jump


Main points-basics

The basics are, first of all, at least a minimal knowledge of the same training of the main muscle groups, and therefore – knowledge of the exercises that are included in these groups. A person who has no idea about training will find it difficult to choose if you want functional training, circular training, or choose a training plan for weight. Such a person will also not know whether your training will enrich, for example, cardio training.

Without such knowledge it is difficult to find yourself in the gym. Training becomes much more difficult than previously thought, and the desire to change the silhouettes goes into oblivion.