Foods to increase sexual desire

Your sex life is in deep decline and you don’t know what to do? I’m not telling you this is the solution, but it will probably help you: food to increase sexual desire. You can eat them alone or combine them to increase your or your partner’s libido easily.

Foods to increase sexual desire

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Foods that increase libido

Celery: when you think about sex, you probably don’t think about celery, but the truth is that this plant contains androsterone, a hormone that is released through male perspiration and causes attraction in women.

Oysters: they are well known as aphrodisiac food, as they are rich in zinc, which increases sperm and testosterone production. They also have dopamine.

Bananas: bromelain, present in this fruit, helps increase libido and curb impotence. It also has potassium and vitamin B, which will greatly increase your energy.

Avocado: beneficial for both men and women: vitamin B6 increases sperm production and potassium regulates thyroid in women. They also contain folic acid, which helps you metabolize proteins, giving you more energy.

Almonds: the fatty acids that contain almonds and nuts in general allow men to develop their hormones healthy. Besides, his scent sexually ignites women.

Foods that increase libido

Eggs: the vitamins B5 and B6 of eggs help reduce stress and achieve a hormonal balance, necessary for a correct sexual life.

Figs: the power of figs lies in their amino acids, which allow for improved performance and sexual stamina, while significantly increasing libido.

Garlic: although it is not the most appropriate before a sexual encounter-we will have horrible breath-garlic contains allicin, an element that helps the blood circulation in the sexual organs.

Chocolate: we know that chocolate makes us feel good, but we don’t quite understand how. This sweet manjar contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that gives us the feeling that we are in love.

Watermelon: the watermelon contains chemical compounds that simulate in our body the effect of Viagra.

Asparagus: these vegetables, in addition to excellent diuretics, contain vitamins and potassium that will keep your body energized in order to have a long night of passion.

Honey: honey contains several types of vitamin B, charged with increasing energy and endurance. In addition, honey has a sensual look with its golden color, and is often used in sex games.

Olives: green for men, because they make them more virile; black for women, because they increase their sexual desire.

Pumpkin seeds: they are loaded with nutrients that help virility and correct blood flow, while containing tyrosine, an amino acid that puts us in a better mood.

Chiles: capsaicin, which gives chiles a spicy taste, stimulates the release of substances that increase the heart rate and generate endorphins, two aspects that greatly increase libido

Salmon: this fish is so high in omega 3, it improves the nervous system and brain, fights depression and improves mood. All this increases sexual stamina.

Have you ever tried any of these foods to increase sexual desire? Did they work for you?


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