Healthy Heart and Your Lifestyle

Healthy Heart and Your LifestyleThe Style Hides The Healthy Can Prevent Heart Disease

Prevention efforts that may become a wise step before heart disease. Because this disease requires the cost of expensive treatment to cure. Ring, one of the medical action to overcome the coronary arteries. After everything is done, ring heart requires a cost of around 50 millions. Unfortunately, risk back coronary after care dii still remain there. No less scary than unfortunately it is this pen is the heart of the sudden death for the sufferer. If so, what can to prevent heart disease? Healthy lifestyle here.

Limit Your Intake of Saturated Fat & Trans Fat

The emergence of coronary artery disease can be caused by high levels of cholesterol what in the blood. LDL causes buildup on the walls of the, as a result of the flow oxygen on Sati rice. In fact, oxygen is necessary because the heart work. On this basis, it is important for You intake of saturated fat & trans fat from fried Food, books, margarine, junk food, coconut milk, etc., etc citizens According to health experts, everyone disarm to consume fat every day only 200-300 mg.

Running Exercise

Padatny service do not make actions no allocate time to exercise. Exercise doesn’t just enhance your stamina and mood, but also prevent very serious diseases such as heart disease heart. Because of what? Sports lowering fat in the blood, control blood sugar blood, including keeping the body. For maximum results, exercise should be done with with the good (times Communion events), done right (starting how do the ratio & proportion.

Relaxation for Healthy Heart

Smoking Rooms

Carefully, exposed to fast too often can also critical punishment heart! Chemical substances that in the smoke can trigger in the arteries of the heart the flow of blood towards the so not smooth. Vitamins (nutrients and oxygen carried in blood), which burned the heart make the heart beat for the cell to triggered. By it, trying as much as avoid smoking cigarettes. For example with the member with a reprimand or always wear a mask when home.

Relaxation for Healthy Heart

Smart Manage Stress

You must be clever to manage stress if you want to lower the risk of heart disease. Prolonged stress can trigger hypertension. Under these conditions, will work extra to pump blood. If it continues like this, the muscles will experience the enlargement so as cause heart failure. When the middle of the stress, immediately take to mind from the problems that, tell me the problem with people who let problems in.

When heart disease has struck, was going to be difficult. Expensive treatment does not guarantee can be cured of the disease if if already chronic. Hence, preventive measures early on widened step. Hopefully this information can help and all derive from the uncle.

Monitor your Heart

Prevent Heart Attacks with Healthy lifestyle

Two months ago, the author, who works as a general practitioner, to receive a male patient aged 33 years. Initially, he came with complaints of fever and cough that had lasted for three days. After in-depth interviews and a physical examination, the author turned out to find many health disorders. More weight, hypertension (high blood pressure), and the habit of smoking two packs a day.

Monitor your Heart

Completion of the examination and treatment, the author does not forget to recommend this patient to perform a medical examination (medical check up). The result was surprising. High cholesterol, high uric acid, liver function slightly impaired. The next two weeks the author get the news from his wife that he is being treated in one of private hospital in Bandung due to a heart attack.

ECG Electrocardiogram

Through the inspection of an electrocardiogram (ECG, a recording tool to determine the electrical activity of the heart that is able to detect the presence of disorders of the heart), he was suffering from coronary heart disease (CHD). During this CHD generally found in old age. However, now there is a shift in the incidence of the disease is from old age to younger age.

Events such as the above can actually happen to us if we do not apply the pattern of life is not healthy at a young age. In order to avoid all the bad possibilities that, while not yet ill, we have to do prevention start now. The main prevention against this disease is actually quite easy. The disease is caused by lifestyle, its prevention by lifestyle modification, among others.


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