How to have a flat belly: tips and recommendations

Making infinite amounts of ABS does not ensure that we have a flat, perfect belly. To achieve this, it is necessary to combine a good diet and an exercise routine that you can keep on a day-to-day basis. It is important to keep in mind that to achieve significant changes you have to be aware and not be disappointed if the changes take time.

How to have a flat belly: tips and recommendations

A good diet

Keep in mind that eating little is not the solution. The activity of metabolism needs to be fully maintained and this can be achieved with three or four intakes a day, so that they can provide fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

It is essential that you can combine all kinds of foods and significantly increase the intake of unprocessed foods, such as vegetables and fruits. Avoid pasta and other carbohydrates during the night.

The key is at breakfast.

Remember, you always need a good breakfast. Don’t do it in a hurry, enjoy it. Otherwise, you may be tempted by some high-fat, high-calorie food in the middle of the morning.

The best thing is to combine a good infusion with a fruit and toast. This way you will be satisfied and you will not go “pecking” between meals.

The key is at breakfast.

Learn to say no

It is not a question of banning food, but of controlling the intake of those who are not so good for health. Try not to over-consume soda or eat many simple carbohydrates such as cookies, cereal bread, potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, corn, pasta and rice.

It is also important to reduce the amount of alcohol, as it helps to fix fats. Remember: a taste once in a while is allowed, but it does not become routine.

Many yes

Try plenty of vegetables and all the colors. Add carrots, broccoli, lentils, plums, apples and pears, and cereals to your diet. In addition to the few calories they have, these foods make the necessary fiber input and assist in intestinal transit.

Physical exercise

Remember the importance of your body being on the move. Set up a routine that involves walking and stretching. That will not only serve your purpose of having a flat belly, it will also help you to unwind and improve your body posture.

Physical exercise

If you don’t have time or desire to go to the gym in Kenya, don’t force yourself because you can exercise in simple and everyday situations. If before you were going in a car or you make a group for 10 blocks, it is good that from now on you can do it walking, and to incorporate this habit.

Keep in mind that the modification of some dietary behaviors and their maintenance over time always yield very good results.


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