How to have perfect skin: advice and care

It’s our cover letter and we like it to look young, fresh and healthy. The skin is the largest organ in the body and each area requires specific care. We share the recommendations of dermatologists to eradicate granites and black spots with creams, masks and Homemade Treatments. How to have perfect skin and look radiant all year round in Kenya.

The first thing we need to know is that, over the years, the lozania of the complexion is getting lost and both the texture and the most lavish layers of the dermis require care to stay healthy. Knowing some commandments of beauty can help you feel comfortable with the mirror and combat the damage caused by the sun and pollution, slowing the tracks of aging.

How to have perfect skin: advice and care

How to have perfect skin

To know how to deal with your daily care Series, it’s important to know your skin type: determining whether it’s fat, dry, normal, or mixed is the starting point.

How to find out? A good trick is to wash your face, let it dry and not touch it at all for an hour. Then pass a tissue paper between your nose and cheek, which is called the “zone T””:

  • Normal skin: does not look fat or dry. The touch is flexible and soft.
  • Fatty skin leaves greasy on tissue paper. It is also common for a person with fat skin to have open pores and a little shine.
  • Dry skin may feel tense or show flakes of dead skin. It is associated with small pores. Wetness is key.
  • Mixed skin is most common. It has characteristics of the three previous skin types. The skin is usually fat in Area T and normal to dry elsewhere.

Step by step for perfect skin

Always remove the makeup: it is not negotiable. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired. We have to get him out completely. Washing your face may be enough, but some products are better cleaned with stripping lotions or creams.

Olive oil is a great substitute for desmachillant if you are sensitive to certain chemicals.

Keep your skin clean: it is important to wash well and clean your face every day, in the morning and at night. Investing in a good cream or cleaning gel will bring back good results. It’s the way we remove dead and polluting cells and favor the dermis getting oxygenated and renewed.

Step by step for perfect skin

Hands are enough: do not use a cloth, sponge or other abrasive material to wash your face. It generates irritation and is not necessary.

Humect and nourish: it is important to always have moisturizing and nutritious creams according to your skin type and to place them with soft massages twice a day. A good moisturizer for fat skin will surely help you keep your skin better; and the same goes for dry skin: using any kind of product is not convenient.

Use a face scrub once a week. It must be right for your skin type. Young people don’t need these products.

Use Recommended Products: try to get a non-comedogenic cleaner, toner and moisturizer. This means they won’t cover up your pores, generating barritos and black dots.

Make masks periodically. There are many options, which we detail below.

Face masks

The masks have become a very interesting solution for facial care. You can buy them or do them at home. Try to avoid strong formulas, as they can damage the skin over time.

Grease skin mask: Mix 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt, 2 oatmeal and 2 tablespoons of Orange grating. Place the pasta on your face and wait 15 minutes before removing it. It’s great to eliminate excess fat.

Face masks

Black dot mask: lemon acts as an astringent of the skin and is a powerful exfoliator. Just mix olive oil with half-lemon juice and let IT Act 15 minutes. You can also use tea tree oil for barritos. It is antibacterial and also suitable for sensitive skin.

Relaxing masks: cucumber is the best ally if you want to erase the stress of your face. Its deflamatory and astringent properties are ideal for cleaning and relaxing the complexion. Peel half a cucumber and cut half to a centimeter slices. Run them all over the skin following the ascending lines of the face. Let the liquid dry and then rinse with warm or fresh water.


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