How to Keep the Penis Erect for a Long Time

How to Keep the Penis Erect for a Long TimeIf you want to know how to keep the penis erect I want you to take these tips below before deciding on medications or impotence supplements to have lasting sex. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common male disorders and occurs due to a variety of reasons. It is a state where the man is unable to achieve the proper erection of the penis when having sex.What causes impotence problems? For some, the reason may be an elderly product and the low natural production of testosterone, for others it may be due to a particular medicine that is affecting you because of its side effects, related to prostate conditions or diabetes.

It can also be caused by the abuse of alcohol, excessive smoking, long working hours, stress, obesity, hypertension, etc., Without a doubt, the problem is complex in nature, but there have been many cases in which this problem has been solved with success. So you can see it as temporary and follow these tips so you can keep the power of your erections.How to keep the penis erect If you want to know how to keep your penis hard to have a greater enjoyment of sex, follow these tips below and you will get durable rock erections.

Check vascular health

High blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels are one of the main causes of the problem of erectile dysfunction, and should be kept under control. You should check with your doctor regularly and learn about the health of your heart, brain, and penis. The diagnosis helps you detect any deformity in evolution of the system at an early stage.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

If you want to enjoy a pleasant and lasting sex life, you must stop using alcohol and tobacco. In addition, the abuse of marijuana, cocaine and heroin are known to cause sexual disorders. Abstaining from consuming such substances will help you improve erections, and you will see how keeping the penis erect longer is perfectly possible, considerably increasing sexual potency.

Perform physical training

Check vascular healthIt is important to move your muscles and perform physical exercises on a regular basis. Give a man practicing ejercicioscaminata brisk in the mornings and evenings is one of the ways to move muscles in the correct way. According to one of the studies done at Harvard University, only about 30 minutes of regular walking can help you considerably in reducing your risk of erectile dysfunction. Sweating through physical workouts can help you when needed in restoring your sexual performance and achieving complete and sustained erection without any effort . You might also be interested in how to fix erection problems Without Medication. Increasing the amount of fat in the body, interferes with the level of the hormone and its performance in the body.

Perform pelvic floor exercises

Perform pelvic floor exercisesA strong pelvic region in the body helps achieve proper erection and maintain adequate blood supply in the penis during intercourse. There are certain exercises that help strengthen pelvic muscles such as the famous Kegel exercises. Get enough sleep. A proper sleep helps energize the whole body. About 8 hours of sleep can help you stay cool and stress-free throughout the day. You should always empty your bladder before going to sleep, this helps in maintaining sexual health.

Practice yoga and meditation

man practicing yogaSe considers yoga the best way to stay away from stress and depression. In addition yoga and meditation are known to improve blood flow in the body. With an increase in blood flow in the genital region, the problem of erectile dysfunction will not last long. There have been certain cases in which men achieve a complete erection and lose this firmness about to start sexual intercourse with their partner. These are cases of psychological erectile dysfunction and can be treated with the help of some yoga sessions. The mental blockage that increases in the mind over time can be easily overcome using certain ancient yoga and meditation techniques. Take a healthy diet. It is important to consume a correct combination of the best foods when you want to eliminate erectile dysfunction. You should eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs.



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