Muscular, stringy arms? It’s not impossible.

Muscular, stringy arms? It's not impossible.The shirts and cardigans are finally off so we can get out the T-shirts and sleeveless dresses. If you feel like they’re shapeless, you don’t have the muscle and the lean arms, you haven’t missed anything yet. Over the past few weeks, we’ve shown you simple exercises that you regularly perform, flat belly and shapely buttocks. Here are four Super exercises that you can do at home in a short amount of time to improve the condition of your arms. Do it today. 

You ready for practice? If you do, start warming up. It is very important to warm up thoroughly before performing the following exercises, thus reducing the risk of injury. Start with shoulder loops, then arm loops back and forth. Stretch a few to the height, then close the elbows to the body with your fists clenched, do some pumping (practically imitate the 2nd.

the dose should be administered in a single dose (see Section 4.4). Finally, extend the arms a little, hold out the stretching positions at the bottom of the article for a few seconds. If your goal is to maintain the level, perform at least 2-3 times a week karizom exercises, of course, if you want better results, feel free to increase the dose.

Shape your triceps.

Let’s start with a triceps exercise. Stand shoulder-width apart, bend your knees loosely, and tilt your butt underneath. If you don’t have a hand weight at home, put a bottle of water in your hand. If you are a beginner, you can use a half-litre bottle, but then gradually replace it with a two-litre bottle. Take the weight into your left hand, bend your elbow next to your ear, and support it with your right hand. Slowly do 35 lifts on one side and then on the other. Feel free to increase the dose to 50-60 increments. Did you know that?If you don’t do triceps exercises, the lower part of the arm will be sloshed and flabby. It’s also called a funny wave. And that’s not very attractive in a sleeveless shirt… For the beautiful shoulders.Shape your triceps.

Do not throw away the previous practice bottles! The starting position is once again a sprout with a butt-drop. Lift both arms into the lateral midsection and slowly touch the weights in front of you, then extend the arms again, keep the elbows slightly bent. Repeat it 60 times. Watch this.The exercise makes the deltoid muscle work, which gives the round contour of the shoulder. While performing the exercise, it is important to keep the elbow and shoulder in line. Make sure you don’t extend the elbows completely, try to end up with at least a 10-degree angle.

Biceps-not just for men! In order for your upper body to be okay, you might want to work on your biceps – not as intense as the guys, of course. Take the weights in your hands, put the arms next to you, the palms facing the body. Slowly bend your elbow, raise your forearm, and you’re touching the weight to your chest. Then release the lever, but make sure that the elbow joint is not fully stretched. You can change it by only lowering the forearm halfway down.

Watch this Always keep your elbow close to the body, and the wrist should keep the forearm line.

Choose the weight you can use to perform the practice so that it’s 50. when lifting, you feel a slight burning sensation in your biceps. Don’t be afraid to weigh two pounds.

Back push-ups – if you’re really tough

After the first triceps exercise, a very advanced “stunt” follows, and it’s a back push-up. The lighter version is as follows: position yourself in a seated position, keep the legs almost on full feet. A little narrower than the width of the mattress, hold the arms behind you, the fingers of the hand facing your butt. Watching the elbows not go out to the side, slowly let yourself down almost completely to the ground and then back. Make sure the back stays straight.

Watch this Always keep your elbow close to the body, and the wrist should keep the forearm line.

If you feel the power, try the Advanced back push-up. Put yourself on your feet, your hips and waist away from the ground. The arms are pointing back to the buttocks, making sure the Hips Don’t fall in, slowly bend the elbows and extend them again. Do 3×20, 30-minute breaks. Watch this.It’s very important that you do your exercises correctly. If your elbow hurts often, be sure to use the lighter version until your muscles are stronger.

+1: stretch for loose muscles! The charisma is prone to shortening, so at the end of the exercise, you should take at least 5 minutes to stretch. The provision of the upper shoulder belt muscles is very important, because in our daily, stressful lives we often pull up our shoulders and thereby the contraction of the muscles can cause neck and shoulder pain. As a general extension, you can either stay in position or position yourself in a Turkish position and move your right arm to the opposite side. Hold it for 30 seconds, then change the lever. Triceps are elongated muscles and biceps are shortened, but both have to be stretched after exercise, because a muscle is beautiful when it is not only strong but flexible and flexible. Stretch your triceps with your left hand, your right elbow, and gently pull your elbow behind you.

But you’re a great stretcher when you’re standing up and you roll your upper body down and leave the arms behind you hanging for a minute. Success stories, expert support, healthy lifestyle, weight loss and transformation. It’s a great program to help you achieve your goals.



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