Natural beauty with olive oil

Natural beauty with olive oilIt is present in all the kitchens the number one ingredient of natural beauty: olive oil. Thanks to its particular composition, nourishes the skin, repairs it, keeps it Young giving elasticity and compactness. Let’s find out how to best use it.

Skin is the largest organ of our body and the mirror of our health. It covers and protects muscles, bones, internal organs and does so by exposing itself in the front line to pollutants, sunlight, weatherproof, all the dangers present in the environment. Your job is of prime importance! natural beauty.

Skin is the mirror of our health – Few people are lucky enough to have naturally perfect skin. Stress, pollution, poor nutrition and even sunlight, in fact, can compromise their health and beauty. Hence the need to protect it, from the inside through the varied and balanced diet and from the outside by helping with the right cosmetics.

Olive oil ingredient of natural beauty, always

Olive oil ingredient of natural beauty, alwaysIn cosmetics, better than many sophisticated ingredients is definitely olive oil. Thanks to its high emollient and softening properties, it is the protagonist of natural beauty since past times: the first to exploit its properties were Egyptian, Phoenician and ancient Greeks. The distinguished physician of the roman era, Galen, two thousand years ago, created the first cream for the body with olive oil, there was bees and rose water: the Ceratum Galeni, which is still today the basis of the cold cream, an emulsion of fat and water to be used as a makeup remover or as an emollient for chapped skin.

Cosmetic properties of extra virgin olive oil. The fats of olive oil are the same as the sebum of the skin. In cosmetics, even if diluted, the oil remains active and plays an important role thanks to the content of oleic acid. Hence the use in case of psoriasis, dryness of the skin, desquamation and in general against aging. Used regularly in massage, in addition to the panel, the extra virgin olive oil is for the epidermis, a true nourishment that gives brightness, elasticity and compactness. It gives the skin a relaxed appearance and touch a pleasantly velvety effect. For the presence of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, has always been used against sunburn, itching, dermatitis, chapping, and reddening of the skin. Excellent lubricant and good smoothing, it is also very used in Anti-cellulite massages. Antiage, emollient and soothing, is particularly suitable for mature, dry and dehydrated skin but is also perfect for massaging the delicate skin of infants and children and for preventing stretch marks in pregnant women.

All uses of olive oil

All uses of olive oilThe formulation of cosmetics based on olive oil are many and it virtually affects the entire body: we find this ingredient in moisturizers for hands, face and body, products for the hair and nails, in those protective lips, in the oil bath and massage, in the Marseille soap and Aleppo, in detergents for the body. In particular, the olive oil is outstanding against the weakness and the fall of the hair, because it manages to deeply nourish the hair bulb, keeping it in good condition and irrobustendolo. Keeps the color and shine of the hair over time.In order to exploit the full potential of the extra-virgin olive oil, the companies of the sector – which in any case are first and foremost producers of extra virgin olive oil of high quality for use in the food – they have created a cosmetic composition, particularly, that the benefits of the main ingredient they match those of plants and herbs with emollient properties, moisturizing, sanitizing. These enhance the antioxidant and nutrient effects of cosmetics by working in synergy with each other. This is the case of hamamelis, chamomile, aloe, thyme, Hawthorn, cumin, Icelandic lichen, snowdrops. But according to the researchers, the list is bound to increase, almost as much as that of the beneficial and natural properties of olive oil.

From olive groves to extra virgin olive oil, as happens the extraction of the oil

From plant to bottle, are the care of the manufacturer in the field, the knowledge of the frantoiano and the quality of the crusher to enhance the best quality raw material. We stayed in Gargano, in Puglia to discover how the oil Bios Di Monini was born.

From olive groves to extra virgin olive oil, as happens the extraction of the oilThe quality of an extra virgin olive oil comes from olive groves where the distance between the plants, the age, the pruning, the irrigation, the choice of olive varieties, and general agronomic practices should aim to achieve the best quality of the olives. Then continue with the harvesting of the olives at the right moment of maturation, which is not the same for all varieties, with means of collecting adequate, delivered on time, and correct ways of storage of the olives in the field, up to the delivery to the mill for oil extraction. This is what we have been able to observe by visiting the organic olive groves of Giovanni Trombetta in Carpino, in the province of Foggia.

But it is also a good miller to make the difference between an oil that preserves intact the flavours, the aromas and the organoleptic properties of the olives, and one that is merely a fat for seasoning: a miller that knows how to make the best use of an olive oil mill a modern and suitable to the characteristics of the raw material. Always in the heart of the Gargano, is located the mill of the Italian Company oil (Sio) where Trombetta, who beyond being the grower is also miller 1994, ensures that from the plant to the bottle are adhered to all processes to ensure the quality of the extra virgin olive oil Bios Monini, certified organic by the Institute of environmental ethics certification (Icea).

A very green medium-fruity oil with hints of almond and fresh grass that suits all dishes for its delicate flavor and that children also like: this is the Bios extra virgin olive oil. In order to respect the freshness of the olives grown organically in the olive groves of Trombetta spend a few hours from collection to processing. ” A healthy and dry Olive can be kept even for a couple of days, ” says the olive grower and frantoiano. “But we never get more than 24 hours. The time of processing depends on the state of the olives when they arrive at the mill. For example, if we see that they are dirty of earth because it has rained they can’t be held much, and then they are washed and subjected to extraction as soon as possible”.

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The importance of the mill

Because the olives are transformed in time, it is essential that the working capacity of the mill is sufficient to be able to work in a few hours, the olives, even in the midst of the campaign of the collection. In addition to the observance of rules of hygiene and in the presence of the most modern technologies, chosen according to the characteristics of olives from the grind, this is one of the prerequisites for a mill and modern, both at the level of a raw material excellent. Nowadays only the mills modern “spinning” can guarantee a high quality oil, while the mills traditional, which used the old technique of pressing of the olives “for pressure” through the use of millstones of granite, are considered to be exceeded. The oil mill of Sio is dedicated to both the production of organic and conventional oil. In accordance with the guidelines of the certification bodies, the machines dedicated to the production of organic olives are separated from the ones used to grind the other.



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