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NeoVirgin, prices, works, reviews, reviews, forum, EnglishExplained by “the book of the vagina”, a manual on everything that can be said about the female genital apparatus written by two Norwegian medical students and published in ten countries The great attention in the recent years it is giving to feminism, and in general to issues that affect women has had a big impact on publishing, NeoVirgin , reviews, price, pharmacy all over the world: it is for example seen with the numerous biographies of strong women and the rebels think for children and adolescents, with the pamphlets that give tips on how to raise children, and feminist, with the new editions of books dealing with topics such as rape and with the publication of the one that explains almost all of the explainable menstruation.

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One of the last books associated with this category published in Italy is the book of the vagina of the Norwegians Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl. Brochmann and Dahl are two medical students and volunteers of an association NeoVirgin , how to use, ingredients that deals with sex education: in 2015 they opened a blog to try to answer the most varied questions about the female sexual apparatus, reproduction, menstrual cycle and orgasms that were asked them in their work as sex educators. The book of the vagina – already published in ten countries and waiting to be in the other 23 – is a summary of the work done in this blog and it is a kind of guide to the possession and use of the female genital apparatus.It is NeoVirgin , how to use, ingredients three hundred pages long (scientific bibliography excluded) and uses a simple language and a sympathetic and sympathetic tone, while giving precise and detailed explanations. It is divided into five parts: the first is devoted to anatomical issues; the second to menstruation and other vaginal secretions; the third to sex; the fourth to contraception and the fifth to diseases and disorders of the genital composition, how it works apparatus, including endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and also miscarriage. For its style and for the division into the various topics

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NeoVirgin, reviews, forum, commentsWe publish an excerpt from the book of the vagina from a chapter entitled The loss of desire: it is one of those in which we talk about things that maybe even some adults do not know.Loving sex is no longer taboo. It has become almost NeoVirgin, reviews, comments an ideal among young women. The” perfection model ” in the sexual field provides for women to feel pleasure, take the initiative and experience new things. But if the desire is gone, or never has been, what do we do? In this case, you risk feeling excluded.

In the winter of 2015 Nina had the pleasure of meeting a lady NeoVirgin, reviews, comments of great charm, Dr. Shirley Zussman, who was then a hundred years old. This curvy little lady, with fleshy lips and sparkling eyes, was a first-rate witness to the sexual revolution. She was a pupil of William Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, known for forum the” discovery ” of female orgasm and a source of inspiration for the American television series Masters Of Sex. Since the 1960s, Shirley Zussman has been practicing as a sex counselor in New York.

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There’s no doubt that people have better sex now than in the 1960s, Zussman says, but what’s the point if you don’t want to. According to NeoVirgin, Kenya her, the blame lies with technology and pressure at work. “Women who come to me are so tired that they prefer to fiddle with their damn phones rather than find a time for intimacy. We forget to touch each other and look each other in the eye.He’s probably right. It seems that the lack of NeoVirgin, Kenya desire is the new female disease. A 2013 survey reported that one in three women in Britain had suffered from a lack of sexual appetite in the previous year. Among young women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four, one in four said they had Original, Pharmacy no interest in sex. It’s a very sad discovery.

But by what criteria do women measure their lack of desire? Since the Sixties a kind of domino model of the four stages of sexual response is in vogue: desire – excitement – orgasm-resolution. 

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Desire is defined as the desire for sexual activity, including thoughts and fantasies. Desire is therefore a purely mental process: I want sex now! Instead, excitement is as much a feeling of pleasure as a physical reaction, which includes NeoVirgin, price an increase in blood supply in the groin area, lubrication and expansion of the vagina. The heartbeat accelerates, blood pressure and respiratory rate rise.

Only recently researchers began to question this model. NeoVirgin, price Some interviews have shown that up to one in three women has never tried, or rarely did, birthmark before sexual intercourse – that is, did not know what in technical jargon is called “spontaneous desire”. However, once engaged in sexual intercourse, the pharmacy, amazon, where to buy majority experienced physical excitement and pleasure. It may seem strange, but is it really possible that, in so many women, there is something wrong?

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NeoVirgin, side effects, contraindications“No” answers an increasing number of voices. NeoVirgin, side effects For many women, in fact, desire is reactive, that is, it springs as a response to an intimate caress or an erotic context. Sexual arousal comes before desire, we might say, and these women are therefore more addicted to foreplay and intimacy because they snap their switch. NeoVirgin, side effects Women with reactive desire have a reduced interest in sex and take little initiative in bed, but for this they do not stop living a fulfilling sexuality once they contraindications get into the right atmosphere. It’s just about learning to listen to it really works, cost, what is the cost desire more carefully.


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