Obvious symptoms, health problems like this, our eyes can tell

Obvious symptoms, health problems like this, our eyes can tellThe eye is not just a mirror of the soul. It shows our health at least as well and draws attention to major problems such as diabetes or high cholesterol. We can see most of the signs ourselves if we know what we’re looking for. Natasha Herz, a spokesperson for the American Ophthalmology Society has detailed what is worth observing in the state of our eyes. Vitamin A deficiency If our eyes are often as dry as the Sahara, it is possible that tear production has decreased. This is often caused by low vitamin A levels in the body. A simple vitamin tablet can also solve the problem in this case, but if the complaint does not go away, you may want to clarify with a doctor what may be behind it. Blocked tear duct If we cry more often than usual, even though nothing extraordinary or tragic or painful has happened, we may have a tear duct blocked. The block prevents the tear from properly covering our eyes and the eyes become teary and irritated. This is common in newborns, but it can also affect adults. Brain damage, tumor, and infection could be behind it, which is why you should see a doctor.Contact lenses and infection

If you wear contact lenses instead of glasses,

Watch for small white dots on your cornea. The corneal is the transparent layer on the front of the eyeball and small spots on the surface are common in contact lenses-this can be caused by infection. Which is also a common problem with contact lenses. So there’s no harm in a regular medical check-up, either. Excessive stress Why leave the eye untouched by stress when the rest of the body is known to have a bad effect? The Twitch, the Twitch, the tiredness, the nervousness, let’s not ignore it. This is the body’s way of telling you you need to rest.  Could it be diabetes? Blurred vision usually means we need glasses. We definitely need to go to an eye doctor, which is definitely good in this case, because this problem can be caused not only by eye diseases, but also by medical problems such as diabetes. The ophthalmologist is also aware that visual impairment is very common in diabetic patients, so if he sees any suspicious signs, he will surely send us for further tests. High cholesterol If we see a white circle around our iris, it’s time to visit the eye doctor and the district doctor. Although the color of our eyes changes in the same way as the age, high cholesterol causes this type of symptom, it is also worth looking into, as this problem needs to be addressed – greatly increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke.Obvious symptoms, health problems like this, our eyes can tell

High blood pressure

Untreated high blood pressure damages the blood vessels of the eye just like high cholesterol, especially the retina. An ophthalmologist will surely notice the telltale signs in the course of an examination, which is another argument for regular annual screening.  Seasonal allergies If our eyes are dry and the skin around them is red, it’s likely we rub our eyes too often. “Eye rubbing can make the eyelids looser, making the eyes more exposed to the air, leading to dehydration,” explains Dr. Herz. The most common cause of this is seasonal pollen allergy.  Too many days Some people have a yellowish patch or knot on the side of the whites of their eyes, next to the iris. This is a small percentage of cancer prevention, but it’s not usually the case, it’s the sun. UV radiation not only damages the skin, but also the eyes, causing various changes to the structure. You might want to find those sunglasses slowly. Floating spots You’ve probably seen floating particles moving in your field of vision. This is a very common phenomenon, but if your number increases, you should visit your doctor, as there may be a retinal problem.Obvious symptoms, health problems like this, our eyes can tell

I need more sleep.

Red puffy eyes do not indicate infection, most likely caused by fatigue. Like ticks, a good night’s sleep definitely improves the condition of irritated and red eyes.  Too much screen staring When you spend most of the day in front of your computer screen or TV, your eyes are bound to get dry, but they start to cry. “It sounds ironic, but one of the symptoms of dry eyes is tears. This is the eye’s response to the problem,” explains the eye doctor. Overpressure  Petechial hemorrhaging on the eye is a terrifying phenomenon, but it’s basically harmless. This may be due to a severe cough or vomiting. It’s not a threat or damage the eye. And in a few days, it’ll disappear on its own.



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