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OptiVisum, prices, works, reviews, reviews, forum, EnglishYou probably never thought about it. Like so many things that are not necessarily positive, the use of glasses has also imposed and sedimented so much in our society that it is considered absolutely normal, useful, healthy and even fashionable.

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The majority of ophthalmologists are among OptiVisum , reviews, price, pharmacy the subjects guilty of this immoderate use of glasses. Maybe because they followed the dominant opinion, maybe because, I’m sorry to support it, spreading the use of glasses was good for their wallets.

In the course of the article I give you various tips on how to improve eyesight without glasses!

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My experience was that, over the course of 4-5 years, I attended an ophthalmologist with a certain regularity and my nearsightedness increased, along with the amount of money paid to the doctor and opticians, as every year I had to OptiVisum , how to use, ingredients change the lenses. I’m sure, though, that something similar has happened to you or some of your acquaintances.

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The following article, even more than others on the site we Areuniverse, requires you a certain openness and breadth of view. If you prefer not to ask OptiVisum , how to use, ingredients questions and not have the courage to examine unusual visions, but rather to unknowingly follow the masses, then stop reading now.

You didn’t interrupt? Well, follow me, you’ll find interesting things. (And be sure to fill out the short anonymous survey proposed at the end).

At the beginning of the twentieth century, an American doctor (W. Bates) had the ingenious intuition that myopia (defects in remote vision) composition, how it works and hyperopia (defects in close vision) were not congenital, but acquired defects. He understood, in short, that it was not born short-sighted, but it became, and that it became through influences of the external environment.

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OptiVisum, reviews, forum, commentsExperiments conducted on some monkeys confirmed this idea. If the monkeys were segregated indoors and food was brought to them in these OptiVisum, reviews, comments environments, the monkeys suffered a deterioration of vision.

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No longer having to use the visual acumen to peer into the distance between the trees, looking for food or to find any dangers, their vision worsened. OptiVisum, reviews, comments The eyes of the apes, in other words, became lazy and feeble.

And the monkeys showed an improvement in vision after a few months after being released into a natural environment.

Dr. Bates discovered that the same happened to man.

You can heal your eyesight without resorting to laser and without wearing glasses.

You got it right. Don’t listen to this other big lie that forum you’ve been shunned by communication tools, a lot of doctors and the “dominant opinion,” get rid of your glasses… unless being cool means wearing the latest Armani or whatever. Your body has the tools to improve eyesight.

It is time to clarify why these statements are made.

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For those who do not know, the eyes OptiVisum, Kenya are moved in all the many directions in which they can head, by a series of muscle bands that connect various points of the eyeball to the skull. These muscles, like all other muscles, can weaken due to non-use, or improper use.

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The complex musculature that moves the eyes.

Be careful, these muscles not only allow you to look right or up, OptiVisum, Kenya but are also involved in focusing.

The lifestyle that almost all of us now lead, which forces us to hours of vision at the very short distance to which is placed the screen of the computer or, worse, of the smartphone, is among the main responsables of the widespread deterioration of vision. As if the various technical trinkets were not enough to worsen our visual abilities, Original, Pharmacy the situation is worsened by the fact that, ahinoi, we spend a good part of our lives indoors, in which our sight rarely has to focus on details that are more than 5-6 meters away.

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This is another of the costs of the estrangement of man from nature: the loss of the ability to see far on the horizon of the sea the arrival of a storm, OptiVisum, price or the presence of obstacles at a great distance on a trail… in Short, and as if the decay of vision there whispers the opportunity of regaining a lifestyle which is carried out mainly outdoors and in touch with nature.

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Returning to how to heal from visual defects…

You have to train these muscles, you have to move your eyes OptiVisum, price so much, as Mother Nature had designed them to be used.

And it must be understood that glasses are not a solution, on the contrary. Often aggravate the problem, as the muscles remained involved in the focus impigriscono even more… and the situation becomes similar to that of a shortage of the drug for pharmacy, amazon, where to buy a drug addict: the old gradation of the lens is not enough, and it becomes necessary to increase it. I’m sure you have proof of that.

Soon I will list practical and easily adopted tips to improve your eyesight without the use of glasses, indeed, thanks to the absence of lenses. The methods explained below apply both to the care of myopia and to the care of hyperopia, with the necessary adjustments.

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OptiVisum, side effects, contraindicationsFirst, however, I want to assure you that I have used the techniques of which I will write below for a year, with great regularity. After this year of practice, I have obtained quite good results: I managed to correct myopia, moving from a OptiVisum, side effects situation where I had a myopia of 2.25 degrees to a myopia of 1 degree, which is almost equal to a normal view. After that I stopped the exercises below and, in the course of a year in which

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I did not do the exercises and increased the use of the computer, my eyesight returned OptiVisum, side effects to worsen. Now, for about three weeks now, I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor activities and using the computer less, and I notice that my eyesight is getting better again. So,contraindications  from personal experience, I can say that the techniques work, but that we need great constancy in applying them over a wide time frame. You must have a great it really works, cost, what is the cost willpower. You will know, however, that all the things worth getting can be achieved with commitment. Make your assessment and reach a firm decision before you start. Know that the following tips for how to cure myopia (and hyperopia) naturally work!

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