Penis: how much does the size of him count

Penis: how much does the size of him countThe penis and its dimensions, we can consider it a constant obsession of the unconscious of the male, in fact, has always been seen as a symbol of male identity and synonymous with power and fertility.  ” Stretch your penis ” … looking at the numerous spam ads that reach me in the electronic box where you promise miraculous enlargements and limitless manhood, the topic is at the center of attention also in social networks.

I wondered: who dreams of a member of Rocco Siffredi, men or women?

A less superficial question than it seems, in fact, the sexual ghosts reflect the age that produces them. Pene Quando a woman makes positive comments about” he ” for many are reassuring words and for many are considered as a sweet melody. This male narcissism is all the more present the more insecurity there is in culture. The influence of increasingly widespread and easy-to-access pornographic material makes what you see in those films seem to be “normal”. Comparison makes most men feel inadequate.

The association with the penis size XL and its hyper functionality is soon made, but is it really like that?

In the common imagination it seems that only the size allows to woo more women and to satisfy them completely. We are looking for a mechanical performance, without defaillance, we invest too much on the physical appearance, on the dimensions without taking into account the functionality of the organs themselves.

Although it has been repeatedly said and proven that neither length nor diameter are in Co-relationship with its functionality.

Who addresses a sexologist always has his super secret question to ask about the normality of size.

For those who want to know what the normal size is, the average length is 14/16 centimetres, and the circumference, always erect, is 11/12 centimetres.

It also has a certain weight for women if they want to lose responsibility.

In fact, it is easy to blame the size of the partner in order not to analyze their fears or the lack of ease of letting go.

Even in female erotic fantasies there are large and well-made members, but big attentions does not mean huge.

And then one thing is fantasy and another is what you appreciate in reality.

Certainly a large penis can have a certain visual impact at the beginning of a relationship, as it passes second to other factors such as experience, skill and sensitivity.

Our body offers us erotic and seductive possibilities that go beyond size.

Any experience could confirm this.

Our body offers us erotic and seductive possibilities that go beyond size.First of all, to determine the measures of the penis – and then ascertain if this is ‘small’ or not – you have to measure it properly. To do that, you need a ruler and a meter of seamstress. The measurements to be taken are length and circumference (width). To measure the length of the penis in erection you need to place the ruler at the base of the penis and check the distance up to the tip of the glans. This measurement shall be made at the moment of greatest excitement. As far as measurements at rest are concerned, account must be taken of temperature changes and the situations in which the values occur. However, the measurement is performed by placing the end of the ruler at the point where the abdomen and the penis meet and hold it along the shaft of the penis.

The standard European measures speak of an average of about 12-15 cm of length and about 13 cm of circumference in erection. While for the resting penis it is about 8-10 cm long and about 10 cm circumference.

A penis below these measures can be considered small, but having a small penis does not mean you cannot satisfy a woman. In fact, from an anatomical point of view it must be taken into account that the vagina has an average length between 7 and 12 cm but is nevertheless a particularly flexible organ. This flexibility allows adaptation to any size. So even a penis the size of the 8 cm long can satisfy a woman, as it is the first third of the vagina the most sensitive. In fact, within the uterus there are very few nerve endings and therefore the measurements do not make a big difference. Between length and width it emerges from some studies that women are more sensitive and interested in girth, considered more important in stimulation.

In general, however, what matters to satisfy a woman is rather to stimulate the erogenous zones, but especially to create the right situation, as the satisfaction of women is first of all psychological. About Dr Maria Paola Peroni, gynecologist of the site explained: “the size of The penis are not essential for sexual satisfaction and the achievement of orgasm of the woman: the parts of the female genitals the most innervated and, therefore, more sensitive to stimulation in the course of the relationship, in fact, are the outer parts, i.e. the small and large labia, the clitoris and outer third of the vagina. This means that any penis is able to reach them and stimulate them properly”.

As, however, experts seek to explain to us ‘mere mortals’ that from a physiological point of view and the anatomic size does not matter, they are still many men that are size a problem ache can affect a lot of sexual maturation and psychological equilibrium.  Some come to suffer from dysmorphophobia penile or syndrome of the locker room, a disorder that stems from anxiety and fear related to the size of the penis and the sexual satisfaction of the woman.

The impact of mint on male power

The impact of mint on male powerMint is a perennial plant whose impact on male power is actively studied in recent years. There are dozens of different types of this green plant, both wild and selected by researchers. Thanks to a large number of the different essential oils, Mint has an intense and definitive flavor. These qualities have made it widespread in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. For example, mint sprays are very popular among consumers. Let’s see what the effect of the plant is on the health of the strong sex representatives. As for popular medicine, here Mint has also gathered around it a large number of people who use it in the treatment of stomach problems, in cases of poor digestion, as an effective natural calming agent. The mint tea is considered to be very refreshing and invigorating, especially during the summer, when it’s too hot. The impact of the mint on the erectile function and the phono hormone of the representatives of the stronger sex is one of the open questions for many scientists and healers, and even now, researchers can run a statement that shows the property solely beneficial or negative impact on men’s health. Despite this, many of us use Mint quite often, so it’s worth pointing out both the positive and negative sides of this perennial plant to unlock the truth.

The impact of mint on male powerIn most cases, it is one of the many varieties of mint. For example, many food producers use peppermint. Its flavor is intense and significant, it is often found in the different types of tea (mainly green tea), refreshing drinks, in many types of cosmetics (ointments, creams, lotions, bath gels, toothpastes), in various tablets for a cough, or even in cigarettes. Those who are afraid that mint may worsen the male power, must be completely calm while using mint mouthwash, toothpaste or aftershave balm at this refreshing extract. In all these “mint-based” products, there is only the perfume of this plant received in an artificial chemical way. So, they don’t have anything to do with the plant at all. Natural mint, on the other hand, is found in fito teas. But even here today’s producers are able to be smart, replacing the most expensive natural ingredient with aromatic crystals. The essential oils that are part in the composition of the peppermint, the researchers show, are able to significantly improve male health in general, including the erectile function.



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