Problems of MATURE SKIN: dryness, discoloration, signs

Problems of MATURE SKIN: dryness, discoloration, signsThe skin is aging like the whole body. It needs support and protection to delay this process. If you devote some time and attention to it, look after it, it will not get sick or get old. Problems of mature skin include, above all, excessive dryness of the skin, discoloration and dangerous signs that may be the beginning of cancerous changes.

The changes in the appearance of mature skin largely depend on the innate tendencies inherited from the parents, biological changes in the body and … gravity. Under its influence, the skin stretches. Added to this take care of your face are: excessive tanning – usually without protection against UV radiation – inhalation of fumes, smoking cigarettes, diet low in vegetables and fruits. If you forget about proper care, the aging process runs faster than the mother nature programmed.

Mature skin – excessive dryness of the skin

One of the first signs of skin aging is its dryness. It simply loses the ability to bind and retain water in the epidermis. Regeneration processes are slower. The biological activity of skin cells and the number of collagen and elastin fibers that provide elasticity are reduced. Mimic wrinkles are clearly visible , furrows are created. The skin becomes thinner and rough.

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It is said that the skin of an elderly person resembles a parchment. It is thin, dry, flaky, because sebaceous glands are working less and less. I need strong hydration. It is good to use nourishing moisturizing creams, apply vitamin masks . People who have had problems with fragile blood vessels throughout their lives will have more of them with age. They should think about cosmetics that seal the walls of blood vessels. However, this is not all.

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  • Emotion for the face Ziaja day / night, urea 3%. It actively regenerates the skin’s protective barrier. How it works?
  • Long-lasting and deeply moisturizes and protects against moisture loss.
  • It replenishes skin lipids, strengthens the effect of cohesiveness and firmness of the epidermis.
  • It softens, reduces roughness and excessive flaking.
  • It works like a compress for all symptoms of dry skin.

Mature skin – discolorationMature skin - discoloration

For these physiological processes, he always includes the destructive influence of sunlight. One of the symptoms of “solar aging” is the formation in the most exposed places – on the hands, face and cleavage – brown discolorations called age spots or old age flowers. They are clusters of melanin, a dark skin pigment. When they appear, you have to give up tanning because the spots will come and the existing ones will darken. Flowers of old age should not be confused with spots that arise during sunbathing and simultaneous treatment with some preparation.

Mature people usually take a lot of medicines and drink herbs (especially St John’s wort), which can increase the sensitivity of the skin to solar radiation.

On sunny days before leaving the house, obligatory use a protective cream with the highest possible filter. Ladies can wear light scarves and fashionable summer gloves, gentlemen – straw hats.

Mature skin – dangerous signs

Older skin may also develop pre-cancerous lesions , called actinic keratosis. It’s easy to recognize them: places that are yellowish, rough, sometimes slightly convex. They are small or 2-3 cm in diameter. In men, they often appear on the bald head. Out of these foci you can develop a skin cancer. Therefore, they should be shown to a dermatologist (visit without referral). It will prescribe a topical exfoliating preparation or will order freezing with liquid nitrogen, which will restore the skin’s smoothness. Then you have to protect yourself from the sun.

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The older we are, the weaker our body defends itself against abnormal cell divisions, including skin. As a consequence, from these bad cells, which are shared with impunity, cancer can also arise. So do not underestimate any changes on the skin. It happens that at the beginning they have, for example, a figure of a tiny 2-3-millimeter muzzle, which is covered with a scab. After some time, the scab is gone, and the morning appears again and does not want to heal for a long time. It can last for years. Many people are afraid to go to the doctor with this. Wrongly! It is enough to remove the change and the treatment often ends.

Watch the moles. With age, among others under the influence of tanning, they can turn into melanoma (a dangerous skin cancer). If you notice that the mole changes shape, has jagged edges, bleeds, grows – show it to the doctor. A quick removal of the mark can save your life!

Do it necessarilyDo it necessarily

Makeup for mature women

Many women think that it is not appropriate to paint at a certain age. Nothing similar. Good make-up removes discoloration and dilated capillaries, but also enlivens, adds a healthy look.

The most important thing is not to overdo it with the number of layers, because then the mask effect will be created.

Elder’s make-up should not be too dull to emphasize what comes with age: a changed face oval, sharp features, sunken eyes, deepening furrows or reduced lips.

First, it is worth dying eyebrows and eyelashes (henna at the beautician), but not in black.

Eyebrows can also be darkened with gray or brown eye shadow. It’s best to apply it with a brush; lines painted with a crayon look unnatural and dangerous.

Before applying the foundation, which will cover the imperfections of the skin, we pat the moisturizing cream.

We give up eye shades – pink in a brown-pink shade will work better. We put it on the upper part of the upper eyelid (we avoid it internally) and combine it with pink on the cheeks.

We emphasize the eyelash extension by drawing individual dots with a gray or brown eye pencil on the skin between them.

The lips are painted with a shiny lipstick, a tone darker than the natural color of the lips.



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