Quick: tips and tricks to lose weight in a short time

Quick: tips and tricks to lose weight in a short timeHow to lose weight quickly after the holidays? How to lose weight without following a too strict diet? The advice you’ve been waiting for is here for you.

Dinners with friends, birthdays, work brunches, Sunday lunches, Christmas veglioni: every occasion is good for eating, especially if you do it in company. But how many times, as soon as you get home, do we get attacked by the typical post-binge guilt? The question that we then ask ourselves, when we remain in our underwear in front of the mirror with our pounds too much is always the same: ‘how to lose weight quickly?‘

Diets, and flash are never a good advice to give if you want to lose weight in a strategic way, and especially as long as so many of these, in fact, tend to make us lose especially liquids and lean mass, they are real mirrors for the larks, and by so doing we enter into the vicious circle of loss of weight in phases, is absolutely contraindicated. This type of diet, too sudden, in fact, do not aim to burn the fat mass, the ‘mass’ that makes our body more or less buttery, and the real cause of our weight gain, unwanted action which would require surely more time and more consistency.

What is fat mass and how to burn

What is fat mass and how to burnAn important thing to know for anyone who wants to reach your ideal weight, it is how they work the fat mass and lean mass present in our bodies and why they are so closely interlinked. The fatty mass is formed from adipose tissue, which is forming under our skin (this type of fat, in small quantities, is not so much risky to our health because of the ugly), is around all of the internal organs (this fat, called visceral fat, is very harmful to the our body if it exceeds a percentage of about 12.5% of our body mass index (bmi).

If we were to explain to you what is the visceral fat, we’d say to imagine your heart ‘wrapped’ in a film that protects it: this film (i.e. the layer of visceral fat) weight, the more our internal organs, like the heart, will be satisfied too to work, because compressed by the growth of the same membrane that should protect. When visceral fat increases, the membrane in question increases in volume and weight, narrowing the vital space of the organ it guards, degenerating then into cholesterol.

Lean mass instead is composed of both the muscular part of our body, but also by other elements such as: internal organs, skin, hair, nails. You must imagine the lean mass as a large oven with which our body is equipped: the bigger our oven will be, the more wood (i.e. the fat mass) will be able to burn. For this fat mass and lean mass are closely related to each other, because the increase or reduction of fat depends on the lean. It is thanks to the lean mass that our body can burn the excess fat that we have given it, affecting in a vital way the basal metabolism of each of us. The basal metabolism are the calories that each of us is able to burn at rest: the greater our lean body mass, the more calories we burn, the more fat we lose.What is fat mass and how to burn

In order to know what percentage you have of fat mass and lean mass, and to see then as you’ll have to go to work in a specific way, there are pegs impeden ziometriche, i.e. pegs that are similar to scales but, in addition to tell you your total weight, thanks to a small electric circuit that painless will go in your body, will specificarvi also all the percentages that make up your total mass: fat mass, lean mass, bone mass, hydration, visceral fat, etc., so you can work in a targeted manner and not randomly on the loss of your weight.

The Basic Rules for weight loss

In addition to a healthy diet and physical activity, changing your lifestyle helps in the fight against pounds too much. Here are the Basic Rules to lose weight quickly. How many of you wish to lose weight as quickly as possible but do not know where to start? If some methods seem to work beautifully, others may be harmful to the health of the body and totally ineffective. A healthy and balanced diet, combined with constant physical activity, are fundamental to achieving shape weight, but you may need to change your lifestyle as well, so that you can maintain an enviable line over time. Here are some basic rules to lose weight quickly.

Sleep well

The body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep, so that the metabolism can function properly. According to experts, it takes a couple of nights when you have not slept for more than six hours to determine the accumulation of fat and promote obesity.

Stop smoking

While smoking decreases appetite, it also causes acute inflammation over time, which could contribute to weight gain in hardened smokers.

Reducing alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption plus be harmful to the line, as well as to health, if excessive. Some cocktails and spirits also contain empty calories, which means they do not provide any nutrients, contributing to weight gain, especially when combined with fatty foods.

Make a relaxing massage

Stress also contributes to the accumulation of fat in the body. A relaxing massage can therefore be the ideal solution to reach the goal of weight form.

Limiting the use of technology

In the 2.0 era, being stuck all day in front of the screen of tablets, PCs and smartphones does not help the diet, making us, on the contrary, more sedentary and lazy. Turning everything off and enjoying a nice walk in the open air or engaging in other activities contributes to the fight against pounds too much and improves the quality of life.

Establishing a program

Planning a food plan and establishing when to go to bed helps the metabolism to work better. In this way, you will be able to achieve your target of losing weight as quickly as possible.

How the lean mass increases and why it is essential for weight loss

How the lean mass increases and why it is essential for weight lossAs we explained in the previous paragraph, in order to decrease weight and thus eliminate excess fat, we must make sure that we increase our lean mass, so that it can burn as many calories as possible. But what does the lean mass feed on and how do we make it grow and then maintain its daily minimum requirements?

Especially those of you who practice sports in a constant way, already know that the lean body mass feeds on proteins (click to learn more), which are proteins in the meat and vegetable protein; but what are the specific foods that contain the highest percentage of protein?

-red meat

-white meat



-milk and dairy products


-legume vegetables in general


-protein supplements

In order to achieve our aim and lose weight fast then we should start from to add to our daily diet the right amount of part of the protein, both animal and vegetable, so that day after day the lean body mass begins to increase, which burns the calories that we have ingested previously, and those that we are going to eat every meal, as quickly as possible.

To understand the amount of protein that each of you will have to eat every day, we advise you, if you get the chance, also do a measurement with the above-mentioned pegs impedenziometriche by a nutritionist, a personal coach, or a dietician, so that it is a professional to do the initial calculation according to your needs and based on your body composition. Absolutely not to the diets of the friend or neighbor, the one who comes to you and says ‘Try This diet they gave me, I lost chili in no time!’. If that diet was given to him by a professional, he would have worked on his physique, his structure, not yours! Better to spend some extra money but be sure of what we will do, our body has to be protected always, heritage is the most important and delicate that we have!



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