Skin: hydration at the top with coconut oil

Skin: hydration at the top with coconut oilFrom the tropical fruit is obtained an emollient and delicate oil, precious ally of beauty. That’s how to use it. Obtained from the cold pressing of the fruit, discovered by the Portuguese explorers Vasco de Gama, on their voyages to the Indies, the coconut oil is very nutritious and significantly reduces the dehydration of the skin. It can be used for exfoliating scrubs and to strengthen the worn-out hair: so here are some suggestions of beauty.

It is lightly scented with that unmistakable aroma that smacks of summer and the sun, the coconut oil lends itself to many uses for the beauty of the skin and hair; since it is rich in antioxidants, which slow down the premature aging, it is also an excellent anti-aging: tips and advice for beauty do-it-yourself depending on the type of skin.

Rough skin: coconut oil with the addition of a little sugar or oatmeal will be a good mixture for a scrub full of nature and authenticity. A gentle massage, perhaps before the shower, will give smooth and soft skin.

Dry skin: moisturizing and softening the skin will certainly not be a problem using coconut oil. Applied immediately after the shower and spread well, within half an hour at most will give us softness not to finish, elasticity and a look decidedly healthier and young. Coconut oil is perfect as aftersole and excellent after waxing.

Delicate skin: what is more tender than baby skin? Coconut oil is also ideal for them: being natural and delicate, it is perfect when used to massage the bottom of the pargoli and avoid rubbing with diapers. After the bath, can be applied all over the body and, in the case of milk crust, may serve to eliminate it: let’s leave him for a few minutes of application and then risciacquiamo gently with a soft cloth and warm water.

Facial Cleansing: coconut oil contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which guarantee elastic and nourished skin. Used pure, coconut oil also serves as a delicate skin: poured on a moist sponge and passed on the face, it will remove any remnant of make up. Isn’t that enough? After washing the face with warm water, apply a few drops of coconut oil on the face to moisturize the eye area, or on other dry areas of the face and massage gently: the result will amaze us!

Dry hair and damaged hair: we can massage it directly on your scalp and then over the whole length of the hair, or even distribute it only on the tips: just leave the oil in for a few hours (obviously the longer we keep it, the better it is) so that the hair to absorb all its nutrients. Then rinse and do a normal wash to immediately have silky and bright hair.

Almonds: excellent for health, excellent for the skin

Moisturized skin, renewed and more compact with the oil of this precious Mediterranean fruit.
Originally from Puglia and Sicily, the almond gives us a truly exceptional fruit with a thousand properties. Although it is rather caloric, the almonds consumed in small quantities can be very useful to our body, but also in cosmetics as well!

Almonds are valuable for our health, we said, and in fact not only contain large amounts of fiber, useful to promote intestinal transit and fight constipation, but also the micronutriementi, good for memory and for the rehabilitation of the cerebral tissues.

Almonds: excellent for health, excellent for the skinExcellent almonds for cosmetics, too. In fact, the oil that is extracted is rich in vitamin E, B and mineral salts and can be used as a natural remedy for dull and brittle hair, for delicate, aromatic massages, but, above all, to return to the facial skin hydrated, renewed and more compact by eliminating the dead cells.
So let’s see how to use this extraordinary beauty ally in three simple steps.

1-password: purify! Before any treatment, it is necessary that the skin is cleaned in depth to receive as much principle as possible and react in the best way. If the skin of the face has some imperfection, no fear: it will be sufficient to make a gentle scrub by mixing a tablespoon of almond oil with the salt and almonds, finely chopped. A mild massage and a rinse with warm water will be able to return a smooth and bright skin, ready to be hydrated.

2-hydrate: never enough! Even if you don’t have dry skin, smog, dust and stressful life contribute to dehydration of the epidermis.
A sweet and natural remedy is the mask based on almond oil to be used as a daily treatment, better if after purifying the face. Preparing the mask is simple and cheap: you just need to mix a tablespoon of almond oil with one of white yogurt and one of honey. At least 20 minutes the application time for a really unexpected result.

3-third round: face off ko! Life convulses, worries, a lifestyle not really manual, maybe combined with a diet decidedly incorrect, make the skin of the face off. In the evening, after having properly purified and moisturized the face, a few drops of pure almond oil will make the difference. Applied directly to the skin, the oil must be gently massaged on the face with circular movements until is fully absorbed.
A good night’s sleep, and the emollient action of the oil will give us a really shining to begin a new day with a smile.

Lemon: essential in the kitchen, great for skin and hair

Rich in Vitamin C, this wonderful fruit is useful for seasoning food, but it is also a fabulous ally for well-being and beauty
Citrus fruit with many virtues, known since ancient times for its valuable properties, lemon is a condiment that is fresh and healthy salads, essential to flavor the fish, for flavouring desserts and garnish cocktails, but is also indicated for the prevention of various diseases and as a valuable ally of beauty.

Lemon: essential in the kitchen, great for skin and hairRich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants, lemon is an excellent ally of skin and hair, so to be considered one of the most effective natural beauty remedies. Here are some simple suggestions to use this fruit with DIY recipes. Good-bye Corrector! The lemon is an effective remedy also against the eyes: it will be enough to apply two slices on the eyes and leave them on for about twenty minutes. Bright eyes and no obnoxious dark halons will help to give us a much younger look.

Light on the face: lemon juice, a jar of white yogurt and a few drops of essential oil are an excellent face cleaner. Mix the ingredients and massage this solution on the skin, leaving it in place for about ten minutes: this is how to get a bright face and free of impurities.

Nothing stains: lemon, thanks to the citric acid and vitamin C, has a strong power of the lightening, more than that is enlightening, and is therefore an excellent remedy against age spots or sun exposure. Melt a pinch of sugar in the middle of lemon juice and apply this lotion every day on the face: result guaranteed in a few weeks.

Bye bye black points: if still not enough, remember that Lemon is an excellent remedy to thoroughly purify the pores of the skin and fight acne and black points. Simply add a teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon, stir and apply for fifteen minutes, the mask obtained directly on the points charged for the benefits.

The mouth to the kiss, if we have dry lips and dehydrated skin because of the weather and the excessive use of heating or air conditioning, can be remedied by applying a few drops of lemon on your lips in the evening before going to sleep to wake up in the morning with soft lips and silky. Is the weather short? Don’t worry: mix a little juice with sugar: we will get a natural exfoliating to gently pass on the lips.

Enviable Crown: we prepare a mask with juice of a filtered lemon, olive oil, coconut oil and honey. Let’s put it on dry hair and leave it on for 10 minutes. A nice rinse and a Shamp: and voilà, the hair will be soft and silky.

Strong and healthy: the Lemon has infinite properties: it can strengthen the hair and also repair the damage. Once a week you can apply a mask made with a cup of lemon juice and one coconut water. A fifteen-hour pose to achieve real tangible results.

One less tone: if we want a natural lightening, the lemon is what suits us. Just apply lemon juice to your hair before exposure to the sun: miraculous!

High dandruff: the citric acid contained in the lemon disinfects the hair follicles and then helps to eliminate dandruff. A mask obtained from a mixture of lemon juice and water to apply on the scalp to be applied for ten minutes is easy and effective. Try to believe!

Teniamoceli narrow: rich in vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B and minerals, the lemon is a fruit also very useful against hair loss because it balances the natural Ph of the scalp, helps to eliminate dead cells and prevents the weakening of hair follicles.


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