Home slimming


Sedentary lifestyle, lack of time for physical activity and bad eating habits make our body change over time. The level of fat in the body increases, which negatively affects not only the appearance of our body, but also health and well – being, and in fact summer is the period in which we most love to show our charms – is approaching inexorably. How to lose weight on vacation to enjoy a slim silhouette?

Better results will bring compound diets with regular physical activity. This strategy increases the efficiency of the fat reduction process. It also helps to improve health and well-being. During training, endorphins are released, which cause a sense of happiness and pleasure.

What to eat to lose weight?

The answer to this question is simple: to lose weight, you need to eat healthy food. Easier said, harder to do, especially if bad eating habits are so deeply ingrained that they’re hard to eradicate without a revolution in life. In small steps, however, we will reach our goal. In the early stages of weight loss, we need a lot of willpower to develop new, and above all, healthy habits. We will tell you how to eat to lose weight and be able to boast of a beautiful body during the holiday season.

Get the right amount of food – nutritionists recommend eating 4-5 meals a day, observing between 3-4 hours of break. This will ensure regularity and reduce portions, which will affect weight loss. Remember, however, that each of us has a different mode of life. If you get up right at dawn and go to bed late, 5 meals may not be enough. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust their number according to individual needs.
Eat a healthy diet after exercise – many people believe that this is so, the workouts you need them for this award, usually in the form of something sweet or wysokokalorycznego, for example, pizza or Burger. A mistake. Catch up then burned during exercise calories, which reduces the effectiveness of weight loss. Therefore, we quickly lose motivation.
After training, you need to eat healthy food, such as avocado salad or whole grain rice with chicken, which will give us energy. If we have a desire for something sweet, take a banana.

Don’t snack between meals-juice, fruit smoothie, sweetened coffee or tea, cupcake or fruit – all of these foods consumed between meals boost your daily caloric balance and hinder progress in weight loss. We must, therefore, be regarded as normal, even one meal.

Give up alcohol or limit its use – alcohol can slow down the effects of a balanced diet and regular physical activity, especially if during its use we take unhealthy snacks or feel unwell after taking it, which makes us have to skip the workout. In addition, alcohol itself is energy, and also slows down our metabolism. After all, the body is engaged in the destruction of poison, not digestion.

Refuse to eat processed foods – all kinds of instant ready meals, which after a few seconds of heating in the oven or microwave are ready to eat, should be excluded from our daily menu. As a rule, contain a lot of sugar, preservatives and artificial colors. They only offer us empty calories, kill hunger for a moment, but they don’t give us any nutrients.

Drink plenty of water – 2 liters is the minimum dose that everyone should take. If weight loss, it is advisable to drink water even in large quantities. But remember that definitely the best effects will bring drinking water in small SIPS throughout the day than drinking 0.5 liters at once