Smart optimism: tips for enjoying life to the full

Being optimistic and replicating it on a day-to-day basis is not always a simple task. To be able to do so requires perseverance, perseverance and above all a great deal of desire. It is essential to clarify that when talking about intelligent optimism, we are not talking about deceiving ourselves or moving away from problems in the belief that they do not exist.

Smart optimism: tips for enjoying life to the full

Intelligent optimism means the opposite. It is to be aware of the problems and difficulties that arise in everyday life and to try to deal with them in a mature way, with coldness and maturity. It means knowing that problems are not solved by magic, but that we must act to make that happen. It also means dealing firmly and energetically with everything that we propose for the future and taking action accordingly to achieve it.

This approach to life also does not mean being “happy” all day, but it is key to focus on the favorable points of the situations that occur to us daily, and to accept, overcome and face the pain and sadness that the negative sides can offer us. This lifestyle is a process that takes time, will and will to overcome. We share strategies so you can achieve it.

Eunuchate more

The first step to being an intelligent optimist is to detect all those negative thoughts that surround your life, either your own or to others. We only detected 30 percent of the harmful stimuli we received. The other 70% in Kenya is in our head, affecting our decisions and our spirits. That is why it is essential that you recognize these attitudes and try to reverse them.

Positive and healthy habits

Keeping the mind with positive thoughts is the key. Thinking about activities for a future, having plans, goals, make life surrounded by good energy and imagination. To think of situations we would like to live in, to imagine possibilities and solutions to problems means that we can put aside other thoughts that do not add up and limit our actions. Keep the fears aside and defeats. Keep thinking about what’s already happened and you can’t change it takes time to live today.

Performance as a characteristic

People who are positive were not born this way, but were built and permeated their attitudes, character and way of seeing things over time. That’s why an excellent starting point is to act like you’re a great optimist even if you’re not 100% optimistic yet.

Performance as a characteristic

The best thing is to start with the little things that we can incorporate more naturally, like expressions, this means that your face has the expression of what you would really like to feel. Various medical studies show that by moving certain muscles in the face to smile, significant emotional changes can be achieved. So: move, Breathe, Walk and speak as you would if you were an intelligent optimist. It may be a little forced on you, but that feeling will last less than you can imagine and will soon begin to be genuine.

Use your best smile

Nothing adds to being angry or wasting time fighting with someone. Don’t let bad thoughts, anger, and resentment take relevance in your life. Appreciate how good you are, keep that and let go of what’s not good for you or hurts you. In time you’re going to feel like you’re getting further away from the negative feelings that invade your mind.

Value your talents

It’s key to value yourself and appreciate when you do something right. No matter what you stand out in, there’s always something you’re good at, and you have to recognize that. Start paying attention to these things and slowly you will see how you will become more cheerful and motivated.

Value your talents

Remember that this new facet is under construction and that is why it is essential that you focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses or limitations. If you don’t know how to start, it’s a good time for you to take the initiative and start some activity or sport that motivates you.


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