Steps for a Healthy Teeth

Steps for a Healthy TeethThere are several criteria that can show if Your teeth including healthy or not.

The top of the tooth remain intact. No holes or indentations that make it feel rough to the touch. Free of plaque. The teeth are white and no stains here and there as well as free of plaque is one of the signs of healthy teeth. Do not shake. For the little ones, teeth that rocking is a sign that he will grow big. But for the adult teeth shake together with problems. Healthy teeth that are strong and will not shake in the slightest.

Health problems, there is indeed a going on. One of the dental problems. As the organs that are in direct contact with the food from the outside, the tooth is susceptible to various sorts of problems like plaque, cavities, up to tartar. Almost all dental problems can spread to other organs such as the gums and bad breath. Therefore, guarded well yes his health.

There are no gaps in between the teeth. The position of the teeth are always meeting and huddled, but no one besides the stack. If Your teeth are a mess better be addressed in order to be confident while smiling wide. Breath fresh. Unpleasant mouth odor can be a sign that teeth are problematic. Not only that, the breath that is not fresh means the mouth is filled with bacteria and germs that should be cleaned immediately.

Maintain Your Teeth

Brush Your Teeth

In a day You should brush your teeth 2 times, namely in the morning after waking up and at night before bed. This way is useful to repel all kinds of dirt that stick on the teeth and in between the cracks as well as maintain the freshness of the smell of the mouth. If Your teeth have 5 criteria was means have entered the category of healthy teeth. Well, to increase it, try to do 2 methods the following treatments.

Maintain Your Teeth

Eat Less Sweet Foods

Sweet foods are the biggest enemies of teeth. Moreover, if the texture is sticky, it will definitely stick and tucked in between the cracks. If you have this will be difficult to clean and can damage the lining of the enamelnya. For that, eat less sweet food and also have sharp color so it doesn’t result in dental plaque. Easy, isn’t it? Yuk dental treatment beautiful. Good luck!

The Main principle to Maintain the Health of Teeth and Mouth

Thrush, swollen gums, bad breath, or cavities are some examples of healthy teeth and a bad mouth. In fact, dental problems or gums not always just make it difficult to eat or talk. A study found that the health of the teeth and the mouth, which can cause a variety of complications of the disease harm. Therefore, we present some useful tips to maintain the health of teeth and mouth. An easy way to maintain the health of the teeth and mouth

Do not brush your teeth too hard

One of the purposes of a toothbrush is to remove dental plaque. However, if You are brushing your teeth too hard, the friction can tear the gums and erode the tooth enamel is relatively thin. As a result, Your teeth be more sensitive. In addition, the how to brush teeth properly can lead to dental plaque instead accumulate and harden which can result in gingivitis (gum inflammation). Brushing your teeth should be done gently with circular movements and massage the teeth. Usually, the duration of which is effective to brush the teeth is about two minutes.

Brush your teeth before going to bed

You certainly know if You is recommended to brush teeth at least two times a day: wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep. Brush your teeth before going to bed it turns out the ability to remove germs and plaque on Your teeth that accumulate for long throughout the day. In addition to brushing your teeth, You are also recommended to brush your tongue in order to eliminate germs or plaque that sticks on the tongue.

Adjust from Unhealthy Routine

Use toothpaste berfluorida

Fluoride is a natural element that can be found in many things, such as drinking water and food You consume. Fluoride absorbed by the body for use by cells-the cells that build Your teeth to strengthen the enamel of the teeth. Fluoride also is a major defense against tooth decay, which work by fighting the germs that can cause harm, and provides natural protection for Your teeth. Therefore, use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

Adjust from Unhealthy Routine

Don’t smoke

Tobacco can cause yellowing teeth and lips blackened. Smoking also doubles Your risk for gum disease and oral cancer. Therefore, quit smoking right now.

Drink more water

Water is the best drink for Your overall health, including for the health of Your mouth due to the activity of drinking can help cleanse some of the negative effects of the food and drinks that stick to Your teeth. Bored with the taste of water bland? We have a lot of creative ways to train You is drink a lot of water.

Limit consumption of foods that are sweet and sour

You may often hear the advice, “Don’t eat a lot of sugary foods, later his teeth bolong”. As it turned out, we indeed should not be carelessly refute the advice of a parent. Food sweet and sour to be changed into acid by bacteria in the mouth that then can eat away at the enamel of Your teeth. Acid this is what causes Your teeth quick cavities. No need to stop the consumption of sugar altogether to maintain the health of teeth and mouth, You just need to limit their consumption.

Eating nutritious foods

The same is the case with water, eating nutritious foods is also good for the health of your teeth and Your mouth. Eat nutritious foods — including grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products — can give you all the nutrients You need. In fact, a study found that omega-3 fats — the type of healthy fats in seafood— can reduce the risk of inflammation, so can reduce the risk of gum disease.


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