Sustained and continuous weight loss

Sustained and continuous weight loss15 kilos less within 3 months Constant feeding on the Best Life Diet Slim Down On Your Best Life Diet. If you want not only a short-term success, but a lasting result, do not expect a Fast Result from dieting. It’s more important that the diet you’re on works in the long run. The whole point of the Best Life Diet is that you don’t have to be afraid of the yo-yo effect, and it provides you with a lot of live weight loss for months. If you want to get rid of more weight, go ahead. Why is the Best Life Diet good? The benefit of the Best Life Diet is that it sets small, traceable goals for you, helping you to create a healthier lifestyle without worrying about dramatic changes. Since you can eat in small portions a lot, you don’t have to be afraid of hunger, you can lose weight with food all day long. The essential part of the diet is exercise, especially aerobic sports you should choose: run, bike, swim.

The essential part of the diet is exercise,

In the beginning it is sufficient to add 90 minutes of movement a week to your life, but over time it is recommended to increase the dose up to 360 minutes – at which point you will have to spend an hour six days a week to move. If you follow the instructions below, you can expect to lose at least a kilo of weight per week, so you can easily get rid of up to 15 kilos in three months. The first phase of the Best Life diet while the first phase of most diets is quite severe, the Best Life method is based on the principle of gradation. The first phase of the diet for four weeks requires only the following changes: eat five times a day in small portions, increase liquid intake for at least one and a half liters of water per day, eliminate fried foods, white bread, sugary soft drinks, fatty dairy products. Instead of the excluded foods, eat whole-grain products, lots of fibre-rich vegetables and fruits. Make sure you don’t eat anything for two hours before bed. Finally, put 30 minutes of exercise in your life three times a week.The third phase of the Best Life Diet is the third phase of the Best Life Diet. You should actually follow this as long as you don’t want to get fat back.The essential part of the diet is exercise,

At this stage chocolate or even scones are allowed

But compensate for the excess calories you consume with extra movement. In essence, nothing is prohibited, but it is important that the basis of your diet remains the fibre-rich whole-grain foods, vegetables and fruits. Why change the white flour? Click on the video below to see why Full-Grain Bakery Products are worth eating for your health and weight loss.The second phase of the Best Life diet if you want to get rid of a significant excess weight, the first four weeks of your diet probably wasn’t enough to lose weight. This is when you have to go to phase two of your diet. Here you have to leave high-calorie foods such as red meat or sugar-rich confectionery or alcohol. Your weekly exercise schedule should be increased at this stage: play sport 360 minutes a week, divided into five to six days.The essential part of the diet is exercise,


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