The benefits of cucumber are recognized

The benefits of cucumber are recognizedThe benefits of cucumber are recognized universally, and the rest the same idea to use it in the cosmetics is part of the wealth of knowledge on all of us: in those who have not, even once, tried the classic remedy of the slices of cucumbers on the eyes to reduce those annoying dark circles?

Let’s discover together how to make the cucumber mask, the natural beauty remedy DIY easy and effective.

Why is cucumber good for the eyes?

Cucumbers contain, in addition to sulphur (an ally of the skin, although the smell can annoy you), the vitamin C, which acts effectively on skin blemishes, and also if used fresh will help regulate the temperature of the skin, promoting a more effective relaxation of the layer of skin under the eyes, because of stress, tends to assume the unaesthetic dark color.The benefits of cucumber are recognized

A similar effect can be obtained not only with cucumber, but with all those ingredients with high vitamin C content, such as kiwi. Unlike the latter, however, cucumber is easier to use and work, especially to prepare an effective cucumber mask.

The cucumber mask can be prepared in many different ways, and combining ingredients that contribute, each with its own properties, to make the skin brighter and more beautiful.

Cucumber mask

The mask of cucumber, traditional, prepared with the pulp and seeds of the cucumber, is accomplished by blending the vegetable to obtain a pulp soft enough, spread it on the face dry and clean, and leaving it to act for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

It rinses with cold water, which helps to close the pores, and the game is done! In this way the skin is immediately firmer and fresh, without shiny spots and without the excess sebum that is typical of mixed or acne-like skin.

Cucumber and lemon mask

The mask of cucumber and lemon juice is prepared by blending 1 cucumber small, a tablespoon of lemon juice, preferably from organic farming and a tablespoon of plain yogurt. This mask is great if made in the evening, and applied it before going to sleep: it has a relaxing effect and soothing on the skin, and removes all the impurities in addition to excess sebum. Once allowed to work (10 minutes is enough) and rinsed, you can complete the treatment with the classic moisturizer that is always used.

Cucumber and honey mask

The mask of cucumber and honey, combines the benefits of refreshing and astringent cucumber to those nutrients of the honey, which is also used in case of sunburn, chapped skin, or little elastic. Also in this case the ingredients should be blended together (but you can also add honey to the cucumber already shakes) and spread on the skin clean, keeping them on for 15 minutes. Rinse all with warm water and cover your face with a mild layer of moisturizing cream.

Ten benefits of cucumber, ally of well-being and beauty

Nature offers a wide recipe book for the treatments of our beauty routine. Consuming fruits and vegetables in our daily diet determines the health of our skin, allowing it to maintain proper hydration and helping to eliminate toxins from the body. One of the most beneficial and often present vegetables on our tables, especially in summer, is cucumber, with detoxifying and digestive properties. Take note…Ten benefits of cucumber, ally of well-being and beauty

Taking food rich in water regularly promotes hydration and diuresis; cucumbers are particularly rich and are allies for the beauty of skin and hair. Here are ten good reasons why you should include them in your diet and cosmetic treatments made with them.

Younger skin. Thanks to their refreshing properties cucumbers give the skin a bright and fresh color. Useful to eliminate oily and blocked pores, cucumber juice when applied over the entire face surface for 30 minutes acts as a repairer and cleansing agent.

Being composed for 95% water, cucumbers can replace ordinary moisturizing creams. To nourish and moisturize the skin take the juice of a cucumber and mix it with some yougurt. After mixing the mixture, apply the mixture to the face. Finally rinse with cold water.

Bright eyes. Apply two slices of cucumber to the eyes and let them work for 20 minutes helps to eliminate the swelling and eyes. Antioxidants and Silicon give the skin more turgidity, favoring a young and bright look.


Stronger hair. Cucumbers are rich in potassium, calcium and sulfide. This is why they play an important role in hair growth and texture. Apply cucumber juice over the lengths for 10 minutes and rinse with shampoo. You will feel them resistant and silky to touch.

Anti-aging. The antioxidants B-carotene and Z-carotene contained in this vegetable hinder free radicals by preventing signs of aging.

Sunburn. To relieve the hot and stressed skin after exposure to the sun, apply cucumber juice with lemon drops to the area and massage for 15 minutes.

Weight loss. Being particularly low-calorie and rich in water, cucumber is recommended for slimming diets; it also facilitates digestion and, through tartaric acid, does not allow carbohydrates to transform into fat.

Cucumbers help to reduce and dispose of toxic substances contained in meat and fried oils, preventing the risk of many types of disease such as colon, ovary, breast and prostate cancer.

The cucumber contains most of the vitamins that our body requires daily to eliminate toxins.

Less swelling. By stimulating diuresis cucumbers fight water retention and hinder cellulite.

What are you waiting for? Experience the benefits of vegetables on you immediately. If you regularly take green vegetables in your diet you will see the results after a few days.



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