Water of rice, why use it on hair and skin

Have you ever wondered why oriental women have healthy, shiny hair? The secret lies in the natural treatments Asian women have undergone since the dawn of time.Water of rice, why use it on hair and skin

One of these is the use for hair and skin care of the face and body, water of rice. You read it well, rice water. Rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E and pitera, substance produced during the fermentation process, rice water is an excellent ally for our beauty.

From an ancient Japanese ritual, Hair Water – a practice so renamed – is gaining more and more ground in the West as well. And since it seems to have beneficial effects on both hair and our skin, I looked for more information about it and opened up a world for myself.

Rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances that release into water during cooking or fermentation. This makes the rice water is a powerful ally for our skin because it protects it from the sun’s rays, helps prevent premature aging and fights inflammation. It is often recommended to relieve the redness caused by sunburn. But not only that. The rice water also contains a particular substance, inositol which promotes the growth of the cells that delay the aging process and stimulates blood flow.

On the skin of the face the benefits are many: decreases enlarged pores, prevents the signs of time and the skin appears more luminous and elastic. On the hair the water of rice improves elasticity, repairs damages and the result is a shiny, soft and visibly healthier hair.

Rice water how to get it

If you have any desire to try this powerful trained Beauty, know that there are two different ways to achieve it.

Method of cooking – it is the fastest one and you get simply using the cooking water of the rice. If you use this method, remember to add more water than usual.

Rice water how to get itMethod of Fermentation – A little bit longer but much more effective because it causes the release of a substance, pitera, able to regenerate cells. It is obtained by letting the rice stand in a glass container filled with water for at least 15 minutes. After the time has expired, drain the rice and keep the water at room temperature for 1-2 days and subsequently, to stop the process of fermentation, boil the water over medium heat and then let it cool. It is kept in the fridge for about a week.

Rice water how to use it

Whatever method you choose, it is advisable not to use rice water so concentrated because it may be too thick, then dilute it with hot water. The ratio should be 1 and a half cup of rice water and 8-10 cups of water if you have long hair, halve the doses if you have short hair.

As a shampoo: Dilute the water, you can proceed with washing your hair, it is advisable to use a bowl to collect the rice water and not to waste it (but you can use it again during the wash), gently massaged to the skin and rinse with plenty of water until you feel the skin clean.

As a pre-shampoo pack: apply a large amount of water to the skin and lengths and massage well; let act for at least 15 minutes then proceed with the normal washing.

As a rinse: you Can use rice water as the final rinse, but make sure it is well diluted.

Face-body skin

As a mask: you can create a face mask made of home made fabric. Take some absorbent kitchen paper, cut out the shapes of the eyes, nose and mouth and avoiding any circular motion in the water of the rice for 10 minutes, after the time, squeeze slightly, and place it on the face and let act for 15 minutes.

As a tonic: put a few drops in a cotton disc and pad it on your face.

As a beauty bath To make the skin soft and more toned, we can pour two cups of rice water in the bathtub.

The extra secret.

To make our rice water even more effective we can add a couple of drops of an essential oil. I recommend tea tree if you have fat and Impure skin; lavender for both skin and hair because it promotes blood circulation and helps to fight hair fall; rosemary if you have fat hair.

How to make rice water to nourish, repair and rejuvenate skin, face and hair?

How to make rice water to nourish, repair and rejuvenate skin, face and hair?The next time you cook rice do not throw away the cooking water. Rice water is rich in minerals, vitamins and substances that make it ideal to apply on both skin and hair. Scientific studies confirm it, and in Asia, women have used rice water for centuries to beautify hair, face and skin, so as to be a beauty secret of the japanese imperial court. Rice water, in its simplest form, is the water that remained after cooking rice.

It can be concentrated or diluted or even fermented to bring even more benefits.Rice water has been used in oriental medicine for keeping the skin elastic and looking young and grow hair strong and shiny since ancient times, in places ranging all over the continent of asia. You won’t find SLS, SLES, parabens or silicates in a bowl of water to rice, and the best part is that you can make quickly in the comfort of your own home free of charge.

Traditionally, rice farmers in Japan bathed and washed in the water used to clean white rice. In the Heian period, already in the 9th century, the women of the japanese imperial court used the water of fermented rice to keep their hair long, healthy and shiny. Their beautiful long hair reached the floor and combed their hair every day with the Yu-Su-Ru, which is precisely the rinsing water obtained by washing the rice.

In a research project aimed at creating the most effective products for hair care facility SPring-8 in Japan has discovered that in rice water is a specific substance called inositol, which revealed useful to improve the elasticity of the hair and repairing damaged hair.

Another study published in November 2010 on the International Journal of Cosmetic Chemists, has observed that the method of hair care traditional in the Heian period based on washing with rice water, could prove to be useful still today. These researchers found that extracts created from rice water are effective in maintaining hair health and would be an ideal complement to commercial hair care products.

Another way to extend the benefits of water of rice

Here are quick and easy ways to prepare rice water. There are no particular indications on the choice of which rice to use, obviously if Rice is organic we avoid to put on some unpleasant chemicals (besides not to put them in your stomach).

Method 1: boiled rice water

To make a concentrate of water to rice to use throughout the week in its diluted form as a dry face or hair, prepare the rice as you normally would, but use two or three times the amount of water that is usually.

When the rice is cooked, drain it out and the remaining water will be a vivid white color, and will contain a high concentration of nutrients.

However, do not use it so concentrated, but dilute two tablespoons of this water with a clean cup of water, forming a mix usable immediately.

Use this diluted solution to wash your face or to treat your hair, and store the remaining concentrate in the refrigerator in a covered container for up to one week.

Method 2: quick without boiling

If you want to extract rice water quickly and do not want to go through the dilution and storage, simply take a container, add two cups of water and half a cup of rice.

Let it rest for 15 minutes.

Drain the rice from the water and use this rice water to wash your face and hair.

Method 3: fermented rice water

Another way to extend the benefits of water of riceThe rice water fermented is particularly efficicae for the hair because of the pH change that occurs during the fermentation process (the process brings the pH of the rice water more closely in line with the natural pH of the hair, and causes the release of a chemical substance called pitera, which can promote the regeneration of cells).

Prepare the rice water with the method 2 a fast boil and let it rest in a glass container at room temperature for one or two days (the warmer the more the fermentation process will take less time).

When you feel that rice water has an acidic smell, boil it and then cool it to stop the fermentation process.

Once cooled, use this rice water for skin toning and hair washing.

Fermented rice water is very powerful, so it is better to dilute it a little before using it.

How to use rice water

Wash your face whenever you want and use it on your skin to feed it deep. Use it as a final rinse of hair not more than twice a week. It is possible to add a drop of essential oil to give it the fragrance you prefer.

Another way is to use it in the bathtub to extend the benefits to the whole body. Fill the tub with hot water then put in a cotton bag containing half a cup of rice. Dive in the tub and stay at least 15 minutes.



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