Weight loss Yoga: why it’s good to lose weight

When they talk about yoga, we immediately associate their practice with meditation, relaxation, and flexibility of the body. We know its benefits and we know it’s the first thing they recommend when we’re past stress and we need to lower a change. But few of us in Kenya know that it has other benefits: you can use yoga to lose weight and tonify your body. We tell you how and why.Weight loss Yoga: why it's good to lose weight

Slimming Yoga

There are different types of yoga and, while many of them point to relaxation and are less associated with what we usually understand by physical activity, there are others that are more intense and require a physical effort that has excellent results if you seek to tonify the body and lose weight.

Precisely because of the intensity of some classes and postures, it has effects that we sometimes underestimate.:

  • It helps to develop and tone the muscles, demanding effort from certain parts of the body where most fat is concentrated.
  • Accelerates metabolism: especially in intense postures, which elevate the heart rate in a very healthy way.
  • Burns calories.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress, which are factors associated with overweight.
  • Allows breathing to be controlled and promotes blood circulation.
  • Improves digestion, allowing the body to make the most of food nutrients and prevent fat accumulation.

Weight loss Yoga

The first thing we need to understand is that, as a discipline that teaches how to calm the mind and move emotions better, it allows us to control situations of emotional hunger and sustain better healthy eating habits, which greatly contributes to weight loss.

So, after advancing in various studies, the United States National Institute of Health concluded that, because of its physical, mental and social benefits, yoga is an integral tool for weight loss.

Weight loss Yoga

But let’s get down to the concrete. Why slimming yoga? For various reasons. One of the main ones has to do with asanas or postures, which tone the muscles and allow the body to function better, promoting the release of toxins and improving circulation. By oxygenating more and better, the body works better and we have more physical and psychological energy to control the desire to eat.

In addition, yoga helps to eat consciously, what is called “mindful eating”. As we gain consciousness about our bodies and emotions, we can recognize the true signs of hunger and nourish ourselves with what we really need. We learn to eat when we are hungry and stop when we are satisfied.

Yoga postures for slimming

There are some types of yoga that burn more calories and some postures that, being demanding, contribute more with a healthy weight:

  • Brikam Yoga: this practice takes place in a heated room for 90 minutes. It makes a series of 26 demanding postures that increase the heart rate and demand strength and physical exigency. It burns as many calories as running.

Yoga postures for slimming

  • Ashtanga or Vinyasa: in both cases everything moves with enough intensity and speed, so the practice of this style is practically like running in terms of calories consumed.
  • Hatha or Iyengar: they are less intense, but they help to lose weight in the long term because they increase muscle mass and that makes the body burn more calories, even at rest.


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