Which exercise burns the most calories

One of the main reasons for adopting a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a good weight. We all know that physical activity is a great ally if we want to lose weight, but more than once we err in the type of exercise, thinking it is the best option behind that goal. We clarify some myths in Kenya and tell you which exercise burns the most calories.

Which exercise burns the most calories

A very common mistake is to think that running is the only solution and that the more miles we run, the closer we will be to the ideal body, but it is not. There are many options and the key is to sustain activity over time and to increase intensity. There are many extremely fun exercises that allow us to lose calories super efficiently, and even without risk of injury. We tell you what they are and how to put them into practice.

Which exercise burns the most calories

There is not a single exercise that definitely burns more calories than others, but a series of practices that generate better results. This is good news because not everyone feels comfortable with the same sports and there is an interesting range of options to turn to.


Indoor cycling is one of the most calorie-consuming activities. One of its greatest advantages is that it burns localized fat, especially in the abdomen and buttocks. A woman who practices spinning can consume up to 570 calories per hour and a man can consume up to 870. Fortunately, there are some conditions that make it possible to speed up the process. That is: it is an exercise that requires a good previous medical check-up because it is demanding.

  • Pedaling frequency: the ideal thing is to raise the pedaling frequency to make more effort. To monitor the process you can use the frequency meter, a tool that observes the heart rate during practice. It is recommended to reach an optimal training area for burning fat that does not harm health.
  • Suitable shoes: if we want to eliminate more calories when practicing spinning we have to wear shoes designed for cycling.
  • Comfort of the chair: if the seat is uncomfortable we will not resist long enough to lose weight with this sport.
  • Hydration: staying hydrated helps boost performance and allows you to spend more time on your bike.

Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell, also known as the Russian pesa, is a weight with a handle and serves to do a physical work with weights that combines aerobic exercise, agility and coordination, accelerating weight loss.

Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell’s movements resemble physical activities in the field, such as digging a ditch or cutting a tree. They involve the whole body, increase strength and stamina, improve balance and agility and strengthen the abdominal belt, so important to prevent back pain.

Rowing machine

Machine rowing is another exercise that burns the most calories and in most gyms we can find stations to do it. This device is a very effective resource for achieving the body we desire.

In order to practice this sport we must make a movement similar to that which we would row in the water. It may be somewhat complex at first, but with some practice, we can do it optimally to lose weight and tone our body.


Burpees are fun and efficient in burning fat. In order to carry them out correctly we must begin the exercise standing, in neutral position, with the feet aligned to the width of the shoulders.

The next step is to put your hands on the ground, stretch your legs with momentum and end up in the right position for bending. If we want to, we can do that bending before we quickly stop at a leap.


These exercises work the major muscle groups such as chest, back, lower extremities, the torso, the shoulders and the arms. This is an excellent practice to reduce body fat.


Perhaps the most complete exercise on this list is kickboxing, an ideal sport for those who want to burn calories but prefer group activities. This discipline combines boxing with martial arts and is super entertaining and recommended by health professionals.

It helps to achieve the ideal weight, as it demands a great physical input. But that’s not the only advantage: this exercise also revitalizes the mental aspect, tone the muscles, increases stamina, decreases stress, corrects posture and can consume up to 700 calories per hour.


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