Why do morning erections occur?

Why do morning erections occur?They are part of a restorative mechanism that occurs during sleep. Not having them may be related to some diseases and erectile dysfunction. Round with the size and other myths about the penis. Yeah, penis size matters. When the female has the penis Not usually talk about it. It’s usually embarrassing or funny. But the word “erection” is still being searched on Google, and more and more. And that sexuality is known continues to play a central role in everyday life and health. Perhaps that is why too many things cannot be taken for granted and it is still possible to be surprised to learn something new.

This happens for example with erections morning. A phenomenon that can be likeable, uncomfortable, pleasurable or indifferent is based on a refined physiological mechanism that keeps the penis in a good working state. And that, if it is not present, it may indicate that there is some disease or erectile dysfunction problems.

“It is a recovery mechanism.

It is a physiological process that allows the cavernous bodies of the penis to be filled with blood and oxygenated,” explains Mariano Roselló, urologist and director of the Institute of Sexual Health in Madrid. When that happens, these tissues swell up and produce the erection of the penis. It says that throughout sleep, people go through several stages of REM sleep in which an erection is usually produced. (Interview with the urologist here). During these cycles people dream and the brain initiates some mechanisms aimed at processing memories, learning and balancing humor. They occur three to five times a night, so the last of The Associated night erections becomes the morning morning.

"It is a recovery mechanism.

The mechanism of erection. Testosterone plays an important role in regulating the frequency and magnitude of penile erections, but there are other hormones, such as prostaglandins, as well as other stimuli involved. In any case, when the signal that activates the erection arrives, a gas called nitric oxide is released that has the ability to relax the smooth musculature surrounding the cavernous bodies and the helicin arteries (which are called so because they are helicidal). As a result it increases the blood intake in these structures and the penis increases its volume, going “from five to six centimeters to 12 or 14”, according to the urologist. However, there are several risk factors that can make it difficult for this recovery mechanism to occur: morning erections: not getting enough sleep, having apneas, snoring, and being overweight. What consequences can this have?

The Sentinel of Health “An erection is a male peripheral vascular health Sentinel and therefore the lack of erection (…), is sufficient reason to go to the specialist regardless of whether or not active sexual life is maintained,” says Anabel Roselló, spokesperson for the Institute of Sexual Medicine in Madrid, That is to say, the “gatillazos” or the lack of morning erections can be a sign that indicates that there are circulatory problems associated with diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, smoking or the consumption of certain substances.

The dreaded “gatillazo

The dreaded "gatillazo“The trigger (sudden loss of erection) is very common. There is no man who has been with more than one woman and is over 40 years old who has never had one,” says Antoni Bolinches, a clinical psychologist and sexologist. “As we grow older we lose sexual power. The cavernous walls lose sponging capacity, the erection is less turgid and less frequent.”However, from your experience it is very likely that erection problems have a relatively simple solution. And one way to do that is to accept limitations. “Accepting incompetence is the way. Who does that may not is required to more. It will gain security and a sense of competition.” Or in other words, ” if the erection goes away, let it come back.”

This is in his opinion a good recipe in many cases, but not all. “Until age 50, 90% of erectile dysfunction has a psychological origin.” But at a later age, risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee and other sclerotizing agents (i.e., which decrease the flexibility of cavernous bodies), increase the percentage of organic impotence, i.e., that they do not have a psychic origin. That’s not counting the erectile dysfunctions associated with other diseases.

However, he perceives “a sharpening” of erectile dysfunction due among other things to the increased pressure on man. Since, with desirable sexual equality, ” men now have double pressure, their own and that of women. Before they were an erotic object, not a subject. Now the woman wants sexual enjoyment.”



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